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Sewickley Academy Announces Gift and Opens Doors with Student Scholarships

SEWICKLEY, PA – Sewickley Academy, Pittsburgh's oldest co-educational, college-preparatory and independent day school, enthusiastically announced the launch of a new scholarship program funded in part through a generous gift from Academy parents and dedicated community members David and Dawn Jardini.
The David and Dawn Jardini Family Foundation has committed in excess of $240,000 in scholarships for four students while enrolled in grades 9 - 12 at the Academy. “Sewickley Academy is a world-class educational institution, with a strong commitment to academic excellence. Core to delivering on that promise is creating opportunities for new students to access all that our Academy has to offer,” said Dr. Ashley Birtwell, Head of School. “Thanks to the Jardini Family's generous donation, exceptional students will not only enjoy the countless benefits of a Sewickley Academy education, but also deepen their international engagement and gain greater exposure to new and different cultures while participating in our nationally renowned Global Studies Certificate program.”

“We are proud to support Sewickley Academy’s dedication to international understanding and diversity through this new scholarship program,” said David Jardini, trustee of the Jardini Family Foundation and member of the Sewickley Academy Board of Trustees. “We hope to share a commitment to global citizenship and educational excellence with deserving students and take this already magnificent certificate program to a higher level of achievement.”

Sewickley Academy is pleased to announce they will begin reviewing scholarship applications immediately for the 2022-23 academic year for new and existing students entering Grade 9. The new Global Scholars Program includes benefits such as:

● 50% tuition funding for six total students based on merit across four years of study (Grades 9 - 12) – four sponsored by the Jardini Family Foundation and two through the support of Sewickley Academy funds;
● Enrollment in the Academy’s desirable and well-respected Global Studies Certificate program - successful completion includes receipt of the Global Studies Certificate upon graduation;
● Availability to current Sewickley Academy students as well as those newly accepted for enrollment, and
● Required enrollment in the new scholars program that combines local and global engagement, intercultural training, academic excellence, community service, and real- world professional experience, all designed to prepare fellows with the knowledge and skills to make a difference in a rapidly-changing, increasingly complex world.

“It’s incredible to see such encouragement and support for our students, especially those interested in gaining a global understanding through their education,” said Ken Goleski, Assistant Head of School at Sewickley Academy. “The Global Studies Certificate is a rigorous program where students will benefit from an extensive study in languages and culture, as well as a commitment to understanding issues impacting today’s world and affecting change. Students who may have a passion to make a difference, but perhaps are unsure how to access the resources to do so, can now impact our world in inspiring ways. The Sewickley Academy Global Scholars Program will further enhance this monumental opportunity.”

Interested applicants should contact Dave Fortna, Director of Enrollment Management, at Sewickley Academy, at for details.

About the Global Studies Certificate Program
Students enrolled in Sewickley Academy’s Global Studies program participate in specific coursework designed to broaden their awareness and understanding of world cultures including foreign language study, travel and exchange opportunities, analysis and problem-solving skills, and capstone projects integrated throughout the four Senior School years of enrollment at the Academy. Centered on a points-based framework, students strive to complete benchmarks each year culminating in a Global Studies Certificate in addition to their Sewickley Academy diploma.

The six awarded Global Scholars will be responsible for the completion of projects and curricula above and beyond that required in the certificate program.

About Sewickley Academy
Sewickley Academy, founded in 1838, is a private, college-preparatory academy in Western Pennsylvania preparing exceptional children for extraordinary lives. Sewickley Academy offers a welcoming environment for students from all backgrounds throughout the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. The Academy’s culture and programs stand on four legacy values: Character, Educational Vigor, Community, and Diversity.

Sewickley Academy's graduating class of 2021 achieved 94% admission to a top-choice college with SAT scores averaging 1301, 250 points above the national average. Nearly half (49%) of the class were recognized as AP scholars and 16% were recruited athletes. Of the current Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 student body, 34% are diverse and 50% are female, representing 42 of the region's school districts. For more information, visit