A Vision for the Future

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  • EnVision SA 2024

During the 2018-2019 school year, Sewickley Academy embarked on a strategic planning process. This process was inclusive and gave members of the community, including parents, students, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of the school, the opportunity to have input into determining the school’s priorities for the next five years. The resulting plan was formally adopted by our Board of Trustees in May 2019.

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  • Preamble

    At the heart of any great education are vigorous academic programs and the relationships that support and inspire learners. Sewickley Academy excels at providing learners with a strong academic foundation that prepares them for future challenges by fostering relationships that inspire learners to pursue areas of interest and passion that will develop and deepen over time, or perhaps shift, to create novel and unexpected avenues for exploration. The journey from the here and now, from who the learner is today to who the learner will become tomorrow, is one that must be thoughtfully mapped, not towards one predetermined destination but in a way that will allow that destination to emerge.

    At Sewickley Academy, we honor each individual and his or her skills and talents, and seek, relentlessly, to find ways to create the opportunities for learning and discovery that will allow our students’ best and truest selves to reveal themselves and flourish. We do this in a diverse and vibrant community that values individuals for who they are while always acknowledging that each person is a work in progress. While each journey will be unique, the skills and knowledge acquired along the way will create a shared foundation that will prepare our students to propel themselves towards yet unknowable experiences with the necessary tools to ensure their success.
  • Vision for the Future: The Relentless Pursuit of Transformative Learning

    As we look to the future and seek to enhance the way in which we deliver a transformative learning experience, Sewickley Academy deliberately and relentlessly seeks to exemplify the best elements that characterize excellence in education. We believe that excellence in our educational programming includes, among other things, inquiry- and experiential-based learning at all levels with a robust global orientation. Because transformative learning is most authentically achieved in a community that believes in the absolute dignity and worth of each individual regardless of race, creed, color, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or gender expression, physical ability, and any other element of identity, Sewickley Academy celebrates and embraces diversity while espousing the centrality of exemplary character as a foundation for a life well lived. While valuing each individual, we seek to create a dynamic, challenging, supportive, affirming community of learners, each of whom is committed to achieving personal excellence and developing the types of relationships that are at the heart of a Sewickley Academy education. Finally, we are committed to having the facilities and financial vitality necessary to support a transformative learning experience for all students. In this relentless pursuit of transformative learning, Sewickley Academy will become a beacon others will seek to emulate.