List of 10 members.

  • Photo of Ashley Birtwell

    Ashley Birtwell 

    Head of School
    412-741-2230 x3040
  • Photo of Beau Blaser

    Beau Blaser 

    Director of Technology
    412-741-2230 x3060
  • Photo of Michael Cesario

    Michael Cesario 

    Manager of Special Projects
    412-741-2230 x3312
  • Photo of Derek Chimner

    Derek Chimner 

    Interim Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion & MS Health
    412-741-2230 x3405
  • Photo of Dave DeNardo

    Dave DeNardo 

    Chief Financial & Operations Officer
  • Photo of James Miller

    James Miller 

    Director of Buildings & Grounds
    412-741-2230 x3020
  • Photo of Shannon Mulholland

    Shannon Mulholland 

    Head of Middle School
    412-741-2230 x3071
  • Photo of Win Palmer

    Win Palmer 

    Director of Athletics
    412-741-2230 x3034
  • Photo of Jerilyn Scott

    Jerilyn Scott 

    Head of Lower School
    412-741-2230 x3205
  • Photo of Jayme Thompson

    Jayme Thompson 

    Associate Director of Admissions and Family Experience