List of 12 members.

  • Photo of Kolia O'Connor

    Kolia O'Connor 

    Head of School
  • Photo of Peter Lau

    Peter Lau 

    Head of Senior School
    412-741-2230 x 3001
  • Photo of Shannon Mulholland

    Shannon Mulholland 

    Head of Middle School
    412-741-2230 x 3071
  • Photo of Ryan Baxter

    Ryan Baxter 

    Head of Lower School
    412-741-2230 x1001
  • Photo of Karen McAvoy

    Karen McAvoy 

    Director of Finance & Operations
  • Photo of Benjamin Scoville

    Benjamin Scoville 

    Director of Teaching & Learning
  • Photo of Brendan Schneider

    Brendan Schneider 

    Director of Advancement
    412-741-2230 x3038
  • Photo of Douglas Leek

    Douglas Leek 

    Director of Admissions & Financial Aid
  • Photo of Win Palmer

    Win Palmer 

    Athletic Director
    412-741-2230 x3034
  • Photo of James Miller

    James Miller 

    Director of Buildings & Grounds
  • Photo of Beau Blaser

    Beau Blaser 

    Director of Technology
  • Photo of LaVern Burton

    LaVern Burton 

    Director of DEISJ & Service Learning
    412-741-2230 x 3085