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  • Health & School Nurse

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  • School Nurse

    Beth Brown, RN, BSN, is a registered nurse, licensed in the state of Pennsylvania. She is a full-time member of our faculty and provides health support and consultation to our students and families Pre-K – Grade 12. Each year, Mrs. Brown documents the health needs of all students and shares critical information with all faculty and staff who “need to know” in order to support those students.
  • Health Requirements for all Students

    For the health, safety, and well-being of our school community, updated health information is required from all students each year. Additionally, Sewickley Academy must follow the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s guidelines on physical examinations, immunizations, and the distribution of medication.
  • Standard Care for Students with Chronic Health Conditions

    All students diagnosed with a chronic health condition, including allergies and asthma, are asked to provide yearly documentation of diagnosis, treatment plan, and medication from the treating physician.
  • Requesting Special Accommodations or Modifications at School Due to a Health Condition

    If your child’s physician has determined that he/she will require accommodations and/or modifications at school due to the health condition, please contact Beth Brown, School Nurse to discuss  your child’s care.  You will be asked to provide documentation and physician’s orders.
  • Standard Care for Students with Temporary Health Conditions

    Students who suffer from an injury or temporary illness may need assistance during the school day. To understand more about how Sewickley Academy provides accommodations for students with temporary health conditions, please contact Beth Brown, school nurse.
  • Meeting Students' Health Needs while on a School Field Trip

    All students participating in an overnight field trip will need to provide current health and medication information. Please contact school nurse Beth Brown to discuss any concerns you may have. She will meet with those who “need to know” to develop strategies to care for your child while on the trip.

Meet the Team

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    Rachel Shannon 

    Director of Student and Instructional Support
  • Photo of Beth Brown

    Beth Brown 

    School Nurse
  • Photo of Derek Chimner

    Derek Chimner 

    Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Photo of Matthew Elliott

    Matthew Elliott 

    Director of Security
  • Photo of Carolina Lanza

    Carolina Lanza 

    LS Learning Specialist
  • Photo of Shannon Rankin

    Shannon Rankin 

    Director of Student Life, Middle & Senior Schools
    412-741-2230 ext. 3074
  • Photo of Sally Weir

    Sally Weir 

    Lower School Reading Specialist
    412-741-2230 x3063