On October 6, 2017, the Sewickley Academy community gathered together in the Events Center and Means Alumni Gym to celebrate the induction of Tamara “Tammy” Hoch ’03, Corey Diethorn ’04, Tommy Kehoe ’04, and the 1997 State Champion boys basketball team into the Sports Hall of Fame.

Head of School Kolia O'Connor opened the ceremony by congratulating the inductees and commending them on their hard work and dedication to athletic, academic, and personal achievements during their time at the Academy and beyond. He said to be inducted into the Hall of Fame one does not only have to show outstanding athletic performance, but also a conviction for success in their personal lives; something each inductee has clearly done.

Win Palmer, Director of Athletics, introduced one of the inductees as well as each presenter – head varsity girls soccer coach Jessica Peluso, former Middle School boys lacrosse coach Matt Elliott, and former varsity boys basketball coach Victor Giannotta – who, in turn, introduced each of the inductees from their respective fields or sports. Emotions ran high. Tammy, with tears in her eyes, expressed sincere gratitude to the Academy for pushing her to be the best person she could be, and said the lessons she learned on the soccer field taught her how to be a better person, both on and off the field.

Corey also explained that his teachers, coaches, and teams all played a part in his exceptional performance as a basketball player, student, and as a working professional in his day-to-day life.

Similarly, Tommy started his thank you speech by acknowledging the emotional moment and recognizing his loved ones who were in attendance. “Tammy, I feel you,” he said as he attempted to compose himself. Tommy explained to students that his failures as a lacrosse player, more than his accomplishments, inspired him to push himself to improve himself as a player when he attended the Academy, and to still push himself to improve as a person each and every day.

Several members of the 1997 State Champion boys basketball team reflected on overcoming great obstacles individually and as a team to accomplish the Academy’s first-ever state championship title.

One thing the inductees had in common was their sincere appreciation and love for Sewickley Academy. Each inductee expressed gratitude for the life lessons they learned while attending the Academy, and told students that they were being given the opportunity to be great and to excel in their academic, personal, and professional lives.

The ceremony ended with a knockout competition between the Hall of Famers and a group of Middle School students.

Congratulations, Tammy, Tommy, Corey, and members of the 1997 boys basketball team! Go

Sports Hall of Fame Criteria

Sports Hall of Fame inductees may be Sewickley Academy alumni athletes or Sewickley Academy coaches/athletic directors.

The athlete must have distinguished himself/herself in athletics at Sewickley Academy and must have gone on to further distinction in college or beyond. Those achievements should include national recognition in college, including becoming an All American or reaching significant milestones on a college team that is one of the top teams ranked nationally in their division.

Eligible coaches must be from those who have served the Academy for a minimum of seven years and who have been outstanding in their commitment to the development of fine athletes to represent the school.

Candidates’ credentials for the Hall of Fame will be reviewed by a committee that includes the Head of School, the Athletic Director, and the Alumni Relations personnel in consultation with coaches past and present, and alumni whose input may be appropriate to particular situations.

All inductees must exemplify the best qualities of character and sportsmanship in accordance with the enduring principles of Sewickley Academy.


Sports Hall of Fame Inductees
Timothy P. Appleton '73
Maury Brassert '49
Corey Diethorn '04
W. Ridgely Diven '67
Kate Dresher
Scott F. Fetterolf '76
Sarah (Grenert '00) Funk
Maria A. Gaydos '84
David Gibson '58
Shelly Harris '96
Timothy C. Hastings '77
Christiana Hays '70
Tamara Hoch '03
Gloria Lozano '00
Timothy D. Kaiser '91
Tommy Kehoe '04
Hal Partenheimer '74
Stanwood Partenheimer
Steven M. Partenheimer '68
Ben Powers '89
Joan Schenerlein
Carol Semple Thompson '66
G. Whitney Snyder, Jr. '79
1997 PIAA Championship Boys Basketball Team

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