Support Services

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  • School Counseling

    Sewickley Academy employs a full-time Director of Support Services and School Counselor to consult with students, families, and teachers, Pre-K through Grade 12. Direct counseling is provided to students during the school day when recommended by a teacher, member of the division, or students themselves. While it is always our goal to partner with families, these conversations with the Director of Support Services or School Counselor happen as needed and the timing is often such that parental notification before the conversation may not be possible.

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  • School Counselor

    The School Counselor’s mission is to foster a supportive atmosphere in which students can develop emotionally, educationally, behaviorally, and socially. To that end, the counselor Lynn Sanborne, MSW provides short-term individual and group counseling. Additionally, Ms. Sanborne offers referrals to outside therapists and other resources, consults with families and faculty about the developmental and psychosocial issues of students, facilities classroom guidance activities on social/emotional issues, and coordinates the Cross Age Tutoring program.
  • Consulting Psychologist

    Douglas Jones, Ph.D., is our consulting psychologist. He summarizes the neuropsychological reports provided by licensed psychologists to create learning profiles that outline student accommodations. Direct consultation with parents and therapy for students is not provided as part of Dr. Jones’ work at Sewickley Academy.

Meet the Team

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    Krista Moyer 

    Director of Student and Instructional Support
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    Chelsea Cameron 

    Learning Specialist
  • Photo of Lynn Sanborne

    Lynn Sanborne 

    School Counselor
    412-741-2230 x 3363
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    Sally Weir 

    Lower School Reading Specialist
    412-741-2230 x3063
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    Beth Brown 

    School Nurse