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  • Parameters, Controlling, and Need to Know Basis

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  • Sharing Information on a Need to Know Basis

    We believe that a successful partnership between students, faculty/staff, and families promotes the health, safety, and well-being of every child. In order to work effectively as partners, at times we share information on a “need to know” basis to achieve this goal.
  • Parameters for Sharing Information

    Information gathered from and regarding students will be shared with others in the community on a need to know basis according to the following parameters:
    • When we are required by law, as in instances of suspicion of child abuse, current suicidal risk, or threat of imminent serious harm to others.
    • When we speak to supervisors/consultants in order to inform them about our work and to benefit from supervision and consultation in enhancing our performance on the behalf of students.
    • When school policy and practice or good professional judgment indicates that we should inform peers, administrators or teams (e.g. division heads, advisors, Support Services team, grade coordinators, etc.).
    The above parameters for sharing will be published in school documents (e.g. handbooks, website, etc.) and students will be reminded of these parameters at the beginning of conversations when talking about matters that might be considered personal. When the information is of a personal nature, the minimum information necessary will be shared with others who need to know.
  • Controlling Inappropriate Use of Information

    Sewickley Academy is committed to controlling inappropriate uses of personal information. As such, school policies are in place indicating that we do not make medical diagnoses in any case nor do we share medical diagnoses outside the “need to know” circle without permission of the family. When discussing personal information, we make every effort to consider carefully who may “need to know” the information and consider how we might respond if there are inquiries from those beyond the “need to know” circle. Necessary information is shared and nothing more. Detailed descriptions are often not necessary.

Meet the Team

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    Rachel Shannon 

    Director of Student and Instructional Support
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    Beth Brown 

    School Nurse
  • Photo of Derek Chimner

    Derek Chimner 

    Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Photo of Matthew Elliott

    Matthew Elliott 

    Director of Safety, Security, and Transportation
  • Photo of Carolina Lanza

    Carolina Lanza 

    LS Learning Specialist
  • Photo of Shannon Rankin

    Shannon Rankin 

    Director of Student Life, Middle & Senior Schools
    412-741-2230 ext. 3074
  • Photo of Sally Weir

    Sally Weir 

    Lower School Reading Specialist
    412-741-2230 x3063
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    Dorothy Killmeyer 

    Learning Specialist
  • Photo of Matthew Cragg

    Matthew Cragg 

    School Counselor
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    Bradleigh Peterkin 

    Learning Specialist
  • Barbara Ammoura 

    ESL Teaching Tutor