Executive Committee

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Trustees Emeriti
Nancy M. Bunce
Glenn A. Buterbaugh, M.D.
Ronald E. Gebhardt (deceased)
Margie Shields Gilfillan
Anne O. Jackson (deceased)
Kristen Hammel
Jeffrey Lenchner
Amy Marsh
Douglas B. McAdams
Nancy S. Means
Hugh W. Nevin, Jr.
Gregory Patrick, M.D.
Frank C. Schroeder, Jr. (deceased)
Amy (Simmons '80) Sebastian
Richard P. Simmons
William S. Hansen (deceased)
It is a great pleasure to serve as the chair of the Board of Trustees, and to continue supporting Dr. Ashley Birtwell, now in her second year as Head of School. The Board is committed to working with her and the entire Sewickley Academy community to uphold our Mission and Core Values, as well as to help the school grow enrollment and resources for our students.
My journey with Sewickley Academy began in 1979 when my family returned to Pittsburgh and, after meeting with then-Head of School Jim Cavalier, we determined that I would benefit from the remarkable education offered by the school. That began my family’s involvement with the Academy, and I am now, along with my husband, Paul, a proud parent of an SA alumna. Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed 14 years at the Academy beginning with Pre-K, and having the opportunity to deliver remarks at her graduation ceremony and present her with her diploma will always be a highlight of my life. Her SA education ensured that she was thoroughly prepared for the college experience that followed.  

The role of Board Chair is a responsibility and an honor. With the other members of the Board of Trustees, I look forward to a year of excellence across academics, athletics, and the arts at Sewickley Academy. We appreciate the commitment, positive participation, and generosity of the entire Sewickley Academy community, as you are vitally important to the continuing good health and growth of our school. Together, we will achieve our goal of giving our students the finest preparation and guidance for their futures.

~ Kate (Poppenberg '82) Pigman