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Astronauts, world-renowned doctors, fashionistas, chefs, filmmakers, Zombie experts, world travelers – our alumni are proof that students move on from Sewickley Academy as determined, courageous, and caring individuals ready to take on life's challenges.

Meet a few of our amazing alumni!

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  • Amy Aloe ‘02

    From Genetic Counselor to Head Chef

    Amy Aloe ’02 is the head chef at a cabin in the wilderness of northern Maine. Amy studied molecular biology at Kenyon College and received a master’s in genetic counseling from the University of Pittsburgh. After accepting a fellowship position in 2011 at Baystate Medical Center, she soon realized what she had suspected all along – she liked genetic counseling in theory better than practice.

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  • Dana Friedman ‘83

    Whale of a Tale

    Thirty years ago,
    Dana Friedman ’83 graduated from Sewickley Academy with plans to ski, read, write, and discover his passion. “I was leaving behind a C+ average and a letter of recommendation from my favorite English teacher, Paul Kolakowski, informing college admission officers, ‘Dana has yet to find his potential,’” he said.

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  • Emily Craig ‘01

    Ask not what your country can do for you...

    In 2008, before Barack Obama was elected president,
    Emily Craig ’01 asked herself, “What can I do?” As it turned out, quite a bit.

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  • Eric Weil ‘92

    Breaking the Mold

    Eric Weil’s (’92)
     custom furniture is a perfect blend of modern, sustainable design, authentic craftsmanship, and artistic detail. OSO Industries strives to break the conventional mold of furniture design through the unlikely medium of concrete paired with innovative, yet functional aesthetic.

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  • Erica Dhawan ‘03

    Harness your Potential. Own your Destiny.

    Erica Dhawan ’03 is on a mission to inspire Generation Y leaders and future-thinking companies to change the world. Her Ivy League prowess, Wall Street experience, and Bollywood dance moves allow Erica to facilitate powerful workplace conversations and advise leaders on how to take ownership of their talents through innovation and creativity.

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  • Grayson Geller ’12 and Judge Anthony Saveikis ‘85

    Shadowing the Law
    Since joining the mock trial team his junior year at Sewickley Academy, Grayson Geller ’12 had a passion for the field of law. In fact, he dedicated his entire senior project to pursuing this passion. For his project, Grayson had the incredible opportunity to shadow Judge Anthony Saveikis ’85, the magisterial district judge of Oakdale. This project would forever impact Grayson for the better, as well as influence his dreams for his future career.

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  • Guy Russo ‘06

    In Perfect Harmony

    Raised in a musical household and son of former Academy choral director, Guy Russo ’06 started writing songs at age 12 and has always enjoyed a wide range of music styles. As an Academy senior, he studied music composition with Dr. David Ed, who Guy describes as “one of the first people outside my family to instill confidence in my ability to create music.” Those early influences, along with The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, and James Taylor, pointed him to where he is today.

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  • Kenny Fedorko ‘09

    One-Man Show

    Sociology major Kenny Fedorko ’09 didn’t spend much time celebrating his May 18, 2013 graduation from Kenyon College. A month after graduation, Kenny landed in New York and began building on his already impressive acting credentials. In spring 2013, he received the Paul Newman Trophy, granted to a Kenyon student with the best acting performance during the academic year for his role in the one-man show, “Thom Pain,” written by Will Eno.

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  • Maggie Dimmick ‘08

    True Colors

    Maggie Dimmick ’08 takes color seriously. So seriously, in fact, that when she’s practicing her passion for textile and fashion design, she avoids using fabric from a store. “I love using textile techniques on fabrics that I dye myself,” Maggie said. “Otherwise, I feel like I’m stealing someone else’s color!”

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  • Regina von Schack ‘99

    Gina Made It

    A box of handmade headbands sat under Regina von Schack’s (’99) bed in her New York City apartment until her younger sister Mimi ’10, then a senior at Marymount School of New York, discovered them and claimed several for herself. It wasn’t long before her classmates began asking her where she got her headbands. Mimi’s response? “Gina made it!”

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  • Rob Wennemer ‘09

    The Lead Story

    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette subscribers may recall a familiar name gracing the bylines of their morning paper. During the summer of 2012, Rob Wennemer ’09 worked as a newsroom intern in the features department, having had over 20 articles published.

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  • Sarah Rooney ’13 and Meredith Kinney ‘07

    Taking a Stand
    Meredith Kinney ’07 and Sarah Rooney ’13 never knew each other during their years at Sewickley Academy, but little did they know they would one day have so much in common. These two extraordinary young women made their mark at SA by coming together in 2013 as advocates against human trafficking to form the Academy’s first Human Trafficking Awareness Conference.

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  • Scott MacLeod ‘77

    Blame the Teachers

    So often, our alumni sing the praises of the teachers they had at the Academy – acknowledging them for not only teaching academics, but for teaching about life. For Scott MacLeod ’77, the spirit of those teachers who inspired him more than three decades ago live on in his own classroom 3,000 miles away from Sewickley.

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