The Health program provides students with the information and skills necessary to develop and practice a healthy lifestyle at school, home, and after they leave the Academy. It provides age-appropriate, developmental programs that look at physical, emotional, and social changes that occur during the stages of a child’s growth. The program reinforces the mission and core values of the Academy and provides a safe environment in which students learn how their choices affect their well-being as well as that of other people and the community.

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  • Early Childhood (PK-K)

    The Lower School program seeks to develop positive behaviors, good citizenship skills, healthy living, diversity in the community, respect for self and others, and positive relationships with family, peers, and the community. Cleanliness and hygiene, like the importance and method of hand washing for example, are emphasized.
  • Grade 1

    The focus is on personal hygiene as well as personal safety at school and home. The program teaches children how to appreciate difference and cooperate with others. It begins to develop simple problem-solving skills regarding safety and injury. It introduces the components of healthy living, social skills, self-esteem, and self-worth.
  • Grade 2

    Building on the practices of personal hygiene, proper hand washing, and care of self and others, the program introduces additional components of healthy living, such as beginning discussions of nutrition and exercise, social skills, self-esteem, and self-worth.
  • Grade 3

    Along with addressing good personal hygiene, Grade 3 focuses on making healthy food choices with regards to snacks, good social habits, and being physically active.
  • Grade 4

    Discussions begin about puberty and changes that occur, healthy body image, the role of emotions, and how to make good decisions. The impact of drugs and alcohol is also introduced.
  • Grade 5

    Peer pressure, the importance of friendships, the effects of drugs and alcohol on the body, bodily changes in adolescence, nutrition and exercise, social skills, and hygiene are major topics in Grade 5.
  • Grade 6

    The Grade 6 health curriculum is designed to meet students where they are developmentally, to fully engage their hearts, hands, and minds through project-based and collaborative learning, and to provide a safe space where students can ask and answer questions, at an often confusing time in their life, Preparing to live a healthy lifestyle and develop healthy relationships, personal identity, awareness, and social dynamics, as well as online safety and conduct are central tenets of the course. Students will learn how to navigate life in Middle School as they grow in their ability to identify and set meaningful goals and manage their time to provide balance in their lives. 
  • Grade 7

    As students in Grade 7 build their autonomy and independence, the Grade 7 health course is designed to assist each student in developing and maintaining a lifestyle that promotes wellness by providing accurate and up-to-date health-related information as the foundation for making educated, responsible, and healthy personal decisions. With project-based learning and peer collaboration as a framework, students learn to design their own plans for establishing healthy nutrition and physical fitness. Solving conflicts socially and tackling meaningful work around building healthy relationships and bullying, including becoming an upstander are also appropriate topics in the Grade 7 health curriculum.
  • Grade 8

    The Grade 8 health curriculum prepares students to apply what they’ve learned in previous years and to become their own advocate for a healthy lifestyle. Through a variety of hands-on activities, class discussions, writing, and creating exercises students focus on mental health, avenues for getting help for themselves or others in need, dating and romantic relationships, as well as an in-depth look at body systems. As students begin their final year in Middle School, they are in a unique position as they begin to navigate the many challenges that come with adolescence. Making connections about the systems within their body and how they are affected by the choices they make, students will consider the effects of stress on the body, explore which stress management techniques work the best for them, and implement plans to create their own solutions to daily stresses. 
  • Grade 9

    The Health program continues to focus on helping students develop their own personal collection of healthy habits, attitudes, and behaviors. The program focuses on relationships, dating, dating violence, gender roles and identity, sexual orientation, male/female reproductive structures and functions, abstinence, sexually transmitted diseases, and teen pregnancy. Outside speakers frequently present on topics such as depression, date rape, nutrition, and cyber safety.
  • Grade 10

    The major focus in the final year of the Health program is teaching important life skills using strategies and techniques to promote good decision-making. The program covers the following topics: stress management, sexual harassment, and nutrition. Outside speakers frequently present on topics such as depression, drugs/alcohol, date rape, nutrition, and cyber safety.

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  • Photo of Cheryl Lassen

    Cheryl Lassen 

    Health and Physical Education Teacher
    Slippery Rock University - B.S.
  • Photo of Casey Calland

    Casey Calland 

    Health and Physical Education Teacher
    Denison University - B.A.
  • Photo of Derek Chimner

    Derek Chimner 

    Health and Physical Education Teacher
    Elon University - B.S.
  • Photo of Shannon Rankin

    Shannon Rankin 

    Health and Physical Education Teacher
    Muskingum University - Health and Physical Education - B.A.
    The Ohio State University - Physical Education Teacher Education - M.Ed.

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