May 18, 2022 6–8pm

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    Connect with Computer Science
Join Sewickley Academy Pre-K through 12 Computer Science teachers on May 18 (6–8pm) for a hands-on evening to explore robotics and coding.

Participants of all ages will have the opportunity to explore different stations that will focus on many areas of robotics and programming. A variety of robots such as KIBO, Finch, Spike Prime, and more will be explored.  In addition, participants will be able to engage with block-based coding through different types of software including CoSpaces, Scratch, and MakeCode.  Experiences with text-based programming languages such as Python and JavaScript will also be available.

Activities by Grade

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  • Early Childhood (Pre-K–Kindergarten)

    Participants will be able to make the screen-free KIBO robot follow their directions to drive, beep, dance, and light up. Participants can even personalize their robot by adding decorations to the top if they choose!
  • Lower School (Grades 1–5)

    Participants will have the opportunity to program a screen-free robot to complete a task. Their Bee-bot will virtually pollinate a flower and head back to the hive. Ready to create algorithms on an iPad? Try programming a Finch robot to flash colors, play sounds, move, and spin. 

    Want to know more about what lower student students are doing at Sewickley? Grade 5 students will be present to show what they have done with the Finch robot and with Scratch. Also, take some time to watch the Grade 3 video presentation of the LEGO robots students created to travel across the country as happened during the Westward Expansion!
  • Middle School (Grades 6–8)

    Participants will engage in building and programming robots in an attempt to navigate the robot through a maze using either block-based or Python programming. The Finch robot and LEGO SPIKE Prime robot will be used in this aMAZEing hands-on experience! 

    Interested in learning about computer-based programs? Middle school students will be available to showcase their virtual animations, video games, and websites they have built through their Middle School computer science courses using programs such as CoSpaces, Scratch, and Come take a look at their creations, and learn how you can access some of these resources at home for free!
  • Senior School (Grades 9–12)

    Participants will be introduced to the basics of coding (block-based, Python, or JavaScript) through music.  By the end of this session, participants will have created their own song!  Laptops will be provided to use, but feel free to bring your own laptop if you prefer! 

    While you are here, take a look at an escape room designed and built by senior school students. They transformed an empty classroom into a fully functional escape room by building walls and designing puzzles.

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