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Geometry for SA Credit

Completed Algebra I
Dates: June 20 - July 22 (No class on July 4)
Time: 8:30am – 12:30pm
Instructor: John Basinger
Fee: $1290.00

This is a regular geometry course, not an honors course, but due to the limited time span, some students will find the pace of the course challenging. Students will explore both Euclidean and solid geometries, with emphasis on plane geometry. Topics will include: logic and proofs, polygons, perimeter and area, surface area and volume, and similar shapes (ratio and proportion). Lessons and homework assignments will challenge students to apply these concepts, developing both inductive and deductive logical reasoning skills. Students will earn one credit towards Senior School graduation through successful completion of this five-week course.

This course will be taught using the flipped classroom approach. Students will need a valid email account that they can access. Part of the student’s homework will be to watch and take notes on online lessons. Class time will used for expanding upon the online lessons by participating a variety of activities which will include hands on activities, individual and group work. Please note: The instructor will post videos for every lesson but not all lessons will be taught using the flipped method. Some of the videos are there simply as a resource and for students that miss class.

Additional Information:
Visiting students are responsible for verifying that credit for the course will be accepted by their own schools.

Vacations/missed class: The instructor is making videos to go with every lesson. Students that miss should watch these videos to help them learn the material they missed. If a student needs to miss due to a vacation, they should inform the instructor before the class begins. Students that miss are still responsible for all tests and homework.

Withdrawal/Refund Policy: In order to cover an entire year of Geometry in 5 weeks (24 classes) the course moves at a fast pace. Teaching it using the flipped method will allow more time for student questions in the class. Again, students that struggle in math may find the pace of this course challenging. Students who formally withdrawal by the third day of class, will receive a 67% refund. After the third day no refunds are given.

Students will be lent a textbook to use for the duration of the course.

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