Sewickley Academy’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Plan Is Available Online

In a letter shared with the community on Monday, April 5, Board Chair Kate (Poppenberg '82) Pigman and Head of School Kolia O'Connor wrote, "The plan represents just the latest step in the long journey on which Sewickley Academy has been embarked over the last three-plus decades to strengthen our school by strengthening our community. We know that relationships are at the heart of any outstanding education, and the community is best positioned to support the development of those relationships when it is diverse, equitable, inclusive, and socially just." 
We are thrilled with the positive feedback we received from the community thus far and wanted to share praise from one of our alumni, Amy (Eger '97) Rice
Congratulations, and great job on this body of work, Sewickley Academy. The DEISJ introductory video was excellent. My kids go to the SA-equivalent in our city, and it is struggling with how to address issues of diversity & inclusion across stakeholder groups. The stark contrast in approach and outcome – particularly in a similar timeframe – left me feeling proud of my alma mater, SA.
Click here to view an introductory video to Sewickley Academy's DEISJ Plan, or view the plan digitally on Issuu.