A Message from the Former Head of School on Violence and Hate Language Directed at the AAPI Community

Dear Sewickley Academy Community,
In the past year, there has been an upturn in violence and hate language directed at American Asian and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) across the United States. It has been difficult to capture and absorb the multiple moments of pain that many in this extended community have experienced.

Let us all take a consistent stand against hate directed at any member of our community and extend our condolences and affirm our support for our Asian community members to let them know we care.
As I indicated in my June 2020 message to the community, at Sewickley Academy, we have done and will continue to do our part to raise awareness and educate our students so that they can see injustice and work to address it. We have also committed ourselves to supporting the growth of our faculty and staff. Minds must change, and so must hearts, but this is only possible if we create the spaces where positive, constructive, affirming dialogue can take place.
In that spirit, as we return to school next week, I encourage each of us to please take a moment to check in on friends who may have felt the pain of the fatal shootings in Atlanta or have been themselves the target of venomous words or hateful actions. Knowing that goodness exists and that support is available may help or comfort those in need. Sewickley Academy condemns those who would attack others based on their identities and stands in solidarity with those who have been victimized.
Kolia O’Connor
Former Head of School