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  • Senior Awarded a National Merit Scholarship

    Aydin Turkay has been selected as a winner of a $2,500 National Merit Scholarship.
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  • Four Senior School Students Receive Awards for the National Latin Exam

    In March, four Senior School Latin students took the 2019 National Latin Exam along with approximately 135,000 students from all 50 states and 20 countries and performed above the national average.
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  • Sewickley Academy and Quaker Valley Girl Up Clubs Raise Over $2,000

    Sewickley Academy and Quaker Valley’s Girl Up Clubs teamed up and rented space in The Tull Family Theater in Sewickley to show Girl Rising on Monday, April 15, at 6:00 p.m. and the event raised over $2,000. 
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  • Junior Exhibits Artwork at Studio419

    Junior Samuel Rampelt’s artwork is on display at Studio419 by Sweetwater Center for the Arts’ student art exhibition through April 18. 
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  • KDKA Presents Taking the Lead: Ford Driving Skills for Life to the Senior School

    On Tuesday, April 16, 2019, our Senior School students had a lesson on driving skills and safety thanks to KDKA-TV, in partnership with Neighborhood Ford Store, Governors Highway Safety Association, and Allegheny County Pretrial Services, who presented Taking the Lead: Ford Driving Skills for Life.
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Junior Exhibits Artwork at Studio419

Junior Samuel Rampelt’s artwork is on display at Studio419 by Sweetwater Center for the Arts’ student art exhibition through April 18. 

Samuel’s interest in the arts began when he was younger, and he has been sharping his skills ever since. “When I was in preschool, we were given little booklets, and my friend created the most amazing drawings, and they inspired me to create too. I created worlds and stories in those little booklets with scribbles,” he remembered. As more people praised his talent, it encouraged him to improve and grow as an artist. “My favorite thing about the arts is the power of creation, no matter how many restrictions are placed on you in the world, art is free, laws of physics got you down? It doesn’t matter in art!” His favorite medium is drawing, which allows him to translate what’s in his head onto paper, although he said he would love to learn how to paint someday.

Samuel pulls inspiration from local artists, college artists, his art classes, and the internet. “I see others’ amazing art and it inspires me but also sparks a desire to achieve that level of art. At home, I don’t have to prove anything to myself or others, so I just let ideas flow and my imagination creates the image, while my abilities try to keep up,” he said.

He recalls taking figure drawing and cartoon classes at Sweetwater Center for the Arts from when he was 11 until 13. Now, Samuel is taking art classes at Sewickley Academy, “I’m currently in ‘Art 3,’ and ‘Digital Imaging.’ I get to do art daily in school, so I love it. It’s a nice break from all the [academic] work.” At the Academy, he’s been able to practice and refine his fine arts skills and had the opportunity to branch out using new and strange mediums.

He learned about the exhibition through an advertisement in the newspaper, and his father encouraged him to apply. “Studio419 was really welcoming. They were really kind and loved my art,” he said. Over the past year, he has had been practicing his drawing techniques by sketching humans and the human form, so that was the focus of the pieces he submitted. “I really love what Studio419 is doing. I’d love for the collaboration between our school and the studio to increase. They are really invested in getting involved with our local schools and could provide many opportunities.”

Samuel sees art as more than a hobby for himself and plans to pursue it as a career. “I’m still planning, but I’d love to get into a good art school or college. I am also very excited about an opportunity to take a gap year between college and high school to travel abroad and study art,” he shared.

Congratulations, Samuel on your art exhibition!

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