Kenny Fedorko ‘09

One-Man Show
Sociology major Kenny Fedorko ’09 didn’t spend much time celebrating his May 18, 2013 graduation from Kenyon College. A month after graduation, Kenny landed in New York and began building on his already impressive acting credentials. In spring 2013, he received the Paul Newman Trophy, granted to a Kenyon student with the best acting performance during the academic year for his role in the one-man show, “Thom Pain,” written by Will Eno.

Kenny has worked as a film extra and has collaborated with Julia Hansen ’09 and Lauren Lasorda ’08 (both living in New York City) on a show called “BOX” with the Improbable Stage Company, which opened at the IRT Theatre on Christopher Street in Manhattan. The trio has worked together on the show several times and performed it for the company’s five-year anniversary. The show was developed at Sewickley Academy with former Theater Director Stacey A. Donovan, who is currently the Artistic Director of Improbable Stage Company. Kenny also appeared in a short film entitled “Caleb’s Gift” by Bob Bates ’77. 

Kenny's immediate plans are to keep auditioning. His philosophy is to start small, do everything he can, and get seen.

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