Alumni Profiles

Grayson Geller ’12 and Judge Anthony Saveikis ‘85

Shadowing the Law
Since joining the mock trial team his junior year at Sewickley Academy, Grayson Geller ’12 had a passion for the field of law. In fact, he dedicated his entire senior project to pursuing this passion. For his project, Grayson had the incredible opportunity to shadow Judge Anthony Saveikis ’85, the magisterial district judge of Oakdale. This project would forever impact Grayson for the better, as well as influence his dreams for his future career.

Through shadowing Judge Saveikis, Grayson learned hands on what it is like to be a judge. Grayson was able to experience busting drug dealers, dealing with angry parking ticket recipients, learning what tips off detectives regarding the transportation of narcotics, marrying couples in the court house, and more. He came out of his senior project with a better idea of where he wanted to go in the future, and he thanks Judge Saveikis for being a positive influence on his future.

Today, Grayson is going into his senior year of college at Washington University in St. Louis, finishing his degree in Chinese and Anthropology. He would still like to become a judge in the future, and is planning on moving directly to Washington, D.C., upon graduation in the spring of 2016.

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