Service Learning

The core values of the Academy provide the foundation and inspiration for the Service Learning program. Through curricular and extra-curricular initiatives, the program introduces and develops an understanding of the inter-relationships among all people: locally, regionally, and globally. As a result, students come away with a deep sense of responsibility to lead through service to others.

All Academy students participate in individual and group volunteer service projects including, but not limited to, food and resource drives, on-site volunteer work, and student-sponsored and organized fundraisers.

Senior School students must record 25 hours of service (independent of school-led initiatives) to graduate. This is a temporary two year reduction to accommodate our changing health climate. To be approved, a service project must meet the following criteria and indicators:

Community Service Hours

  • Senior School: 4343.9 hours  

Economic Impact

  • Senior School: $111,000 trending economic impact  

Service Learning At A Glance

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  • Meaningful

    The project is personally relevant to the student and valuable to the community.
    • Provides age and ability appropriate activities for the student.
    • Addresses an issue that is personally relevant to the student.
    • Engages the student in a project of interest.
    • Assists the student in understanding the relationship between the service project and the underlying community issue.
    • Results in attainable and visible outcomes that are valued by those being served.
  • Educationally Vigorous

    The project has clear educational outcomes.
    • Provides clearly articulated learning goals for the student.
    • Demonstrates the student's leadership and 21st century skills.
    • Meets the formal policies of the school, service organization, and/or community.
  • Thoughtful

    The project requires the student to reflect on the impact of the project on the community and him/herself.
    • Demonstrates changes in the understanding, knowledge, skills, and abilities of the student.
    • Engages the student in reflection before, during, and after the project.
    • Results in deep and complex thinking about community problems and alternative solutions by the student.
    • Explores the preconceptions and assumptions of the student as a means to understanding the student’s roles and responsibilities as citizens.
    • Examines social and civic issues related to the project, as a means for the student to understand connections to public policy and civic life.
  • Inclusive

    The project requires the student to work with people, organizations, or groups that he or she may not be in contact with regularly.
    • Requires the student to identify and analyze different points of view to understand multiple perspectives.
    • Develops the student's interpersonal, conflict resolution, and group decision-making skills.
    • Results in complex thinking, by the student, about community problems and alternative solutions.
    • Results in the student understanding and valuing the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of those offering and receiving service.
    • Results in the student recognizing and overcoming stereotypes.
  • Student Driven

    The project is planned, executed, and evaluated by the student with appropriate support from adult and peer leaders.
  • Partnerships


    The project requires the student to work with and serve the needs of organizations that support the community. It is preferred that students work with off-campus organizations. On campus projects that receive credit for the service requirement are:
    • Cross-age Tutors (Classy Cats)
    • Drama/Theater- Students may earn up to 10 hours for acting and 20 hours for stage crew per school year.
    • Secret Garden
    • Summerbridge Pittsburgh


    Sewickley Academy partners with several external organizations, including but not limited to:
    • Off-campus projects include service work with the following organizations: Light of Life Ministries
    • Fern Hollow Nature Center
    • Gwen’s Girls
    • Off the Floor Pittsburgh 
    • Sisters of St. 
    • Joseph-Miriam’s Garden 
    • Villa St. Joseph
    • World Vision
    • Life’s Work
    • Animal Friends Rescue League 
    • Pittsburgh Project
    • Education Partnership 
    • Mary Robert Reinhardt Park 
    • Avonworth Community Park 
    • Masonic Village
    • East End Cooperative Ministries 
    • Zen Center of Pittsburgh
    • Sewickley Community Center
    • Pittsburgh Food Bank 
    • Global Links
    • Homeless Children's Education Fund Change
    • Sewickley Library
    • Hugs For Heroes
    • No Crayon left Behind
    • Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
    • Susan G Komen
    • The American Red Cross
    • Habitat for Humanity
    • UPMC

Sewickley Academy Students are trending beyond $111,000 in economic impact for 2020-21

Sewickley Serves the Community

Day of Service

All of our students, Pre-K through Grade 12, enjoy age appropriate volunteer opportunities on the Day of Service. While our aim is promoting ongoing relationships with many organizations during the year, the Day of Service punctuates our mission of fostering a spirit of community service, volunteerism, and experiential learning within the student body. Over 30 organizations throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area are involved. It is an exciting day for Sewickley Academy as students tweet their experiences and convene back at the school. Over the next two years, as we navigate the pandemic, we will adapt ways to safely  engage our students in service with organizations in need. 

Celebrating 50 years of giving

Annual Spirit of Giving Toy Drive

The Sewickley Academy Lower School will continue to participate in its Annual Spirit of Giving Toy Drive collection for the East End Cooperative Ministries in East Liberty.

In 2020, SA celebrated 50 years of giving to East End Cooperative Ministries!

Take a look at what our community was able to accomplish:
  • More than 300 toys collected
  • >$250 in gift cards donated
  • 28 bags of donations given to East End Cooperative Ministries

Raised $2,023.25 in donations

Annual Spirit of Giving Food Drive

The 2020 Spirit of Giving Food Drive was a success! We have collected $2,023.25 school-wide because of the generosity of our community.   
Nonperishables as well as turkeys were purchased with the funds raised and donated to the Good Samaritan Food Pantry in Ambridge. These donations will help forty-five families throughout the holiday season of November and December. 
Senior School students hand-delivered the food and goods to the pantry.

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