Physical Education

The Physical Education program is designed to introduce students to a wide range of individual and group skills that improve different motor abilities. Young children create their own movement and patterns, but also learn to work together to achieve a common goal. The Physical Education program promotes healthy lifestyles in young people, taking into account the physical, social, and intellectual development of young children.

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  • Early Childhood (PK-K)

    In the Early Childhood physical education program, children begin to learn the nature of rules and strategy and develop an appreciation for sports citizenship and cooperation. Activities include throwing and catching, basic tumbling, agility skills, obstacle courses, and perceptual motor games.
  • Grade 1

    The Grade 1 physical education program builds on the basic skills learned during the Early Childhood program. Children begin to engage in basic cooperative games, and focus on skill building, including throwing and catching balls, basic tumbling, and agility skills.
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  • Grade 2

    Many different games are introduced, incorporating skill development, rules, and strategies while concentrating on fitness. Teamwork, fair play, and sportsmanship are stressed. Children learn and practice throwing and catching, footwork and agility, and play intramural soccer, badminton, volleyball, and beginning baseball.
  • Grade 3

    Children develop a positive lifelong attitude toward physical activity and its benefits and strive to perform to the best of their abilities. They acquire age-appropriate fundamental skills, an understanding of rules and strategy, and an appreciation of sports citizenship and cooperation. In addition to sports skills, students engage in agility activities such as tumbling, hula hoops, perceptual motor rhythm games, balancing, and obstacles.
  • Grade 4

    Sports skills and citizenship, cooperative games, and perceptual motor rhythm games form the core of the program. Grade 4 students take the "physical best" fitness test.
  • Grade 5

    Children play many types of team games, such as soccer, basketball, baseball, and lacrosse, honing their basic throwing and agility skills. Grade 5 students take the "physical best" fitness test.
  • Grade 6

    Students choose each trimester to either play an intramural sport or participate in physical education. During PE classes the following areas are addressed: overall fitness, gross motor skills, developing game strategies, teamwork, sportsmanship, and having fun. Student’s selecting an intramural sport will have the following options for the first trimester: field hockey, soccer, and cross country. The second trimester, students may choose to participate in basketball. During the third trimester, students can select boys/girls lacrosse or softball/baseball.
  • Grades 7-8

    Students choose each trimester to either play an interscholastic sport or participate in physical education. Overall fitness, teamwork, sportsmanship, non-traditional games are the focus of the physical education classes in the Middle School.  

    Independent Physical Education
    The Independent Physical Education program is an alternative to in-school PE and is offered to those students who are eligible. This program recognizes the student who participates in an off campus sport or activity that takes place under the direction of an instructor and a physical education advisor. The program must be intensive and must be an activity that is not offered during that season at Sewickley Academy. Eligibility is determined by a committee comprised of Director of Teaching and Learning, the Director of Athletics, and the Health/Physical Education Department Chair.

  • Grades 9-12

    Many students choose to play on our interscholastic teams, with several options each season. Physical Education classes are offered for those students not in season. Fitness, movement, and overall health are the keystones of all Physical Education classes at Sewickley Academy.

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  • Photo of Cheryl Lassen

    Cheryl Lassen 

    Health and Physical Education Teacher
    Slippery Rock University - B.S.
  • Photo of Casey Calland

    Casey Calland 

    Health and Physical Education Teacher
    Denison University - B.A.
  • Photo of Derek Chimner

    Derek Chimner 

    Health and Physical Education Teacher
    Elon University - B.S.
  • Photo of Shannon Rankin

    Shannon Rankin 

    Health and Physical Education Teacher
    Muskingum University - Health and Physical Education - B.A.
    The Ohio State University - Physical Education Teacher Education - M.Ed.
  • Photo of Lori Yost

    Lori Yost 

    Physical Education Teacher
    Slippery Rock University - B.S.

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