Sewickley Academy Early Childhood Program Expands

Sewickley Academy is adding a naturalist and an atelierista to our Early Childhood team!
Stacey Widenhofer – known to many of the children as “Miss Stacey” from Fern Hollow – will be a full time Kindergarten teacher, sharing her expertise as a naturalist with all of the Early Childhood students. Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students will continue their weekly excursions to Fern Hollow Nature Center as part of our ongoing partnership with the organization, but having Miss Stacey as a full time teacher will allow the children to extend their connection to the outdoors into every facet of the school day. 

Delaney Beaver, a favorite teacher last year, has taken on the role of atelierista, a term used in the Reggio approach from which the Early Childhood program derives its inspiration. In addition to supporting the academic program, Delaney will work with the Early Childhood students to provide meaningful experiences with multiple languages including light and shadow, color, paint, clay, nature, movement, and sound. The students' work with the atelierista will complement their classes in studio art, music, and dance, taught by the Lower School specialist teachers. The already exceptional Early Childhood program is about to get even more magical!