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Get Ready for AP or Honors Physics!

9 - 12
Dates: July 25 – August 5
Time: 9:30am – 11:30am
Instructor: Benjamin Spicer
Fee: $300.00

This course will familiarize high school students with the basic skills needed to master college preparatory Honors or AP Physics. Students will receive twenty hours of instruction on five main ideas: 1. Measurement and Uncertainty, 2. Vector Analysis, 3. Rates and Slopes (derivatives), 4. Summation and Areas (integrals), and 5. Graphing and Linearization. Mastering these topics before starting your physics course will set you up for excellence. The course will use a combination of mini-lecture, discussion, demonstrations, electronic simulations, and group problem solving. There is no textbook requirement. Multimedia resources will be available as useful supplements during the course.

Additional Information:
Materials: Students should bring their own internet-ready electronic devices and graphing calculators. Athletes, please verify team practice schedules before registering. If a student misses a session, materials are available for study. However, there are no make-up sessions.

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