Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q. How do I get the app?

    A. The Sewickley Academy alumni app is available in the App Store or Google Play store.  Simply search for "Sewickley Alumni Connect" and download to your iOS or Android devices.
  • Q. How do I log in?

    During your first log in, you will be prompted to authenticate your account through email verification. If Sewickley Academy does not have your current email address, you will need to update your contact information online or contact the Alumni Relations Office to get set up.

    Note: Authentication must be completed on your mobile phone. You will not be able to authenticate using a computer.
  • Q. Will I need to authenticate every time I use the app?

    A. You will only need to authenticate on your first log in.  All subsequent use of the app will be password free.
  • Q. What personal information can other alumni see?

    The personal info available in the mobile app will reflect the same info that is currently available through our online directory in the alumni portal.
    This information includes your primary address, primary telephone number (in most cases home phone), and primary email address (in most cases personal).
    If you have chosen to hide certain pieces of personal information in the directory, those choices will be carried over to the new platform.

    To hide all or part of your personal contact information in the alumni app, please complete the mobile privacy form.  Your requested changes will be made as soon as possible.
  • Q. Will I be able to update, change or hide my personal information?

    To update, change, or hide contact information or personal details listed in the app, click on the "Suggest an Update" button on the bottom of the profile screen and let us know what information needs to be updated. You may also complete the mobile privacy form to opt out of the app completely or to hide your personal information.

    You have complete control of what information is visible to the alumni community!

    Note: These changes are reviewed by the Alumni Relations staff prior to being made in the app. Please allow two business days for these changes to be made.
    You may also contact us at or 412-741-2230 ext. 3044 to request changes or updates to your profile.
  • Q. What does the "Relevant to Me" key mean?

    A. Relevancy shown in the Nearby feature incorporates several pieces of data to determine another alumnus' potential connection to you.  This data includes graduating class, profession, university affiliation, professional associations, employer, and more.

    Use this to find new connections among alumni!
  • Q. Does the app show my current location?

    A. No.  The app pin for each person in the directory and the Nearby feature shows your home address.  It will not track or display your current location.
  • Q. Can I use the app to find a list of my classmates?

    A. Yes. Using the directory feature, simply type in your class year in the search field.
  • Q. How do I connect the app with my LinkedIn or Facebook profile?

    A. To connect with your LinkedIn or Facebook profiles, go to Settings in the left-hand navigation menu in the app and select "manage accounts." Here, you will have an opportunity to log into your social networking accounts and sync them with the app.
  • Q. Will the app work outside the United States and Canada?

    A. Yes! Now you can keep up with SA news and connect with SA alumni around the world.
  • Q. I am having difficulty with the app - how do I get technical support?

    If you are having difficulty accessing or using the mobile app, please contact for assistance first. If you are unable to reach EverTrue or have specific questions regarding the app, contact the Alumni Relations Office for more information.

    Important note: If Sewickley Academy does not have an active email address for you on file, you will not be able to access the app.  Update your contact information online or contact the Alumni Relations Office with a new email address and we will update your account as soon as possible.
  • Q. Why do some features take you away from the app? Is this safe?

    A. The Twitter, events, news, and giving features in the left hand navigation menu will automatically take you to mobile pages outside the app.  Rather than reinventing the wheel and duplicating other content, we link you to the most up-to-date options available, safely and securely.
  • Q. Can I choose not to be included in the app?

    Yes. In order to opt out, please contact or 412-741-2230 ext. 3044 or complete the mobile privacy form and we will remove you from the app directory.

    When you opt out, you will not be included in any alumni directories published by Sewickley Academy in print or online. If you have questions about this, please let us know.
  • Q. How do I find SA alumni near me?

    Use the Nearby feature to find SA alumni close to you.  Your phone's location services will need to be turned on for this tool to work properly. 

    The Nearby feature also allows you to filter alumni you find by class year and search for specific individuals within a given area.

    By clicking on the pins on the Nearby map, you will be able to view information about and contact fellow alumni.
  • Q. My friend's information is out of date - how can I let SA know it needs to be updated?

    Using the "Suggest an Update" button, you can let us know about changes for a friend or classmate. 

    These changes will be reviewed by the Alumni Relations staff and will be confirmed with the alumnus/na for whom the suggestion was submitted.
  • Q. Can I contact fellow alumni through the app?

    Within an individual's profile, you will have the opportunity to contact them with whatever information they have available. For example, if they have a phone number listed, you will be able to call them directly from the app.

    You may also suggest an update to a friend's profile if you notice their email address or telephone information is incorrect.

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