Virtual Admissions Process

Welcome to Sewickley Academy! While our campus is closed, due to the coronavirus situation, and we are in Virtual School, the Admissions Office is open and ready to serve you. Our processes have been modified to accommodate these unprecedented conditions, and we are as committed as we have ever been to ensuring that your experiences with our office are of the highest quality, reflecting the amazing school you will come to know. Thank you for engaging with us.

Virtual Visit Days
The Virtual Open House will highlight Sewickley Academy’s faculty in the sciences and how they are able to recreate difficult labs and science topics in a virtual environment. The complete list of topics for the Virtual Open House include:
  • Introductions from all three of our Division Heads in Lower School, Middle School, and Senior School
  • Academic and co-curricular program information
  • Our new virtual admissions process
  • A Virtual School tour from our student ambassadors
  • Question and answer session
If you are interested, please contact the Office of Admissions.
The best way to communicate with the Admissions team is to schedule a time to speak with them via email. Please send communications to If it is absolutely urgent that you speak to someone on the phone, please email that message along with your name and phone number to the address above and someone will get back to you.

On a similar note, since the campus is closed, we will have limited access to mail on a regular basis. When possible, fax documents to 412-741-1411 or scan and email them. If you are scanning them, we ask that you send the file as a PDF, not a photo attachment. Photo attachments are very difficult to read, and we often need to print them and send them to other members of the Admissions Committees. If that’s your only option, try to make sure that the image is very well lit and clear. Thank you!

Shadow Days/Tours/Interviews
At this time the Admissions Office is not scheduling Shadow Days. In lieu of that, the Admissions Directors can provide you with a virtual tour of the school. Virtual interviews of the students will be required. To schedule these, please contact Jayme or Andrew.

For students applying to Grades PK-5: Please contact Jayme to schedule a virtual screening session.

For students applying to Grades 6-12: The ISEE test is not being offered at this time, so in lieu of it, we are asking for you to schedule a virtual testing session with us. This will consist of a writing prompt and math test that the student will take virtually with Jayme (for Grades 5-8) or Andrew (for Grades 9-12). Please reach out to schedule this.

We ask you to still try to contact someone at your current school to see if they have the ability to scan, email, or fax the documents to us. If they require a release form, please provide  them with this Transcript Request Form. Also, give them the email address and the fax number (412-741-1411). We need at least the most current report card from this year and last year’s final report.

If the school absolutely cannot get us the documents, most of you have online access to your child’s grades. It is our understanding that these programs allow you to save the current grades as well as last year’s final grades as PDFs, which you can email to us.

Teacher Recommendations
Since you are most likely in touch with your child’s teachers via email, please send them the following links to our recommendation forms, and provide them with our email so they can be returned directly to us.

Grades 6-12 Teacher Recommendation Form
Applicants to Grades 6-12 will need two copies of this form, one each for the current math and English teachers

If for any reason the teacher is unable to complete the form, the Admissions team can arrange a virtual interview with that teacher if you send us their contact information.

Please contact us with ANY questions. We are here to help you.

The Sewickley Academy Admissions Team
Andrew, Jayme, and Wendy


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    Douglas Leek 

    Director of Admissions & Financial Aid
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    Jayme Thompson 

    Associate Director of Admissions
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    Wendy Berns 

    Admissions Assistant

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