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General Information
Clubs in the Senior School at Sewickley Academy are run through the library and are student-driven with the support of a faculty sponsor. The interests of the student body determine the range of clubs each year and include activist, cultural, awareness, special interest, and leadership clubs.

The 20-21 school year clubs are listed below by their scheduled letter day meeting time. Please click on a club to view its commercial. Clubs without a commercial are new to the Academy and will create commercials early in the 20-21 SY.

Club Name Hearts, Minds, or Hands? Mission Statement
Music Production Club Minds Our mission statement is to encourage creativity and expression of our students, as well as collaboration and problem-solving through the creation, performance, and monetization of music. We will also listen to music and share our opinions via media.
Wall Street Club Minds To educate about the basics of the stock market and spark interest in investing that will last through adulthood
Health Careers Club Minds The goal of Health Careers club is to engage students of Sewickley Academy that show interest in various aspects of medicine, such as legal, business, and the medical professions by getting perspectives of those who work in those fields in our surrounding community today.
Writing Club Hearts The Writing Club strives to aid students in developing their voice through the written word, forming connections with each other as artists and collaborators, and spreading their passion for this art to people from all walks of life.
Green Thumbs Hands Our mission is to play a role in creating a more sustainable earth by assisting in the Sewickley Academy gardens.
Human Rights Club Hearts The focus of Human Rights Club is to promote an awareness of human rights issues and violations around the world, and to combat prevalent human rights violations by working with Amnesty International to organize events as well as participate in legislative advocacy.
Yearbook Hearts We will make the 2020-2021 yearbook.
World Health Club Hands The Global Health Club strives to provide those at SA a better understanding about what health looks like around the world while providing insightful hands-on experiences.
Future Medical Workers Hands Future Medical Workers strives to deepen students’ interests in the medical field by providing them with hands-on experience, such as volunteering at clinics and hospitals. FMW will also make it a priority to help hospitals return back to normal once the COVID-19 pandemic ends.
Recreational Photography Club Minds The photography club seeks to establish and cultivate the photographic skills of SA Senior School students.
Care For Them: Sewickley Academy Chapter Hands Elevating student voices in healthcare.
Minecraft Club Minds Minecraft Club’s goal is to take a game that nearly everyone owns and has fun playing to unite the different types of people at Sewickley Academy over a common interest.
Girl Up Hearts We seek to encourage the Sewickley community to engage in a global network "by girls for girls" to encourage female participation in all elements of leadership through education, advocacy, and action.
Indian Culture Club Hearts To build unity and foster identity surrounding those interested in the Indian culture.
Club Association Hearts Helping to promote Club Events, organize the Club Fair, review grant applications, and create a newsletter to let people know what's going on within the Senior School.
African American Culture Club Hearts The African American Culture Club is a space welcome to anyone who'd like to know more about the history and culture of Black People. The club also offers meetings for African Americans to communicate with other African American individuals at Sewickley Academy.
Cancer Awareness Club Hearts Cancer Awareness Club seeks to spread awareness of cancer illnesses to our community while completing projects that are aimed to raise the spirits and give hope to cancer patients.
Feminist Club Hearts We strive to educate and inspire the people in the Sewickley community to understand gender inequality and learn to fight it
Student Diversity Leadership Club (SDLC) Hearts SDLC focuses on self reflecting, forming allies, and building community across diverse backgrounds in the Sewickley Academy community.
Dunk Department Hearts Dunk Department is a club that encourages school spirit through raising awareness for sporting events and creating a fun and supportive environment for our Sewickley Academy athlete.
Tech Theatre Club Hands Tech Theatre Club's purpose is to give a structured time and space for interested parties to learn and practice various aspects of technical theatre. Our members help to ensure a wide variety of events run smoothly, such as plays, musicals, concerts, assemblies, and many others. We support the community utilizing technical skills, creative spirit and the thoughtful passion of students.
B Kind Club Hearts The B Kind Club emphasizes the power of kindness through encouraging and building a community around acts of kindness and providing a forum for sharing individual experiences.
Book Club Hearts Book club is a great time for sharing books, reading, and discussing literature, but also for hanging out with your friends, and snacks on stressful days in school!
Club AIR Hands AIR stands for Action Innovation Research. It is meant to promote the importance of a clean and safe environment. The club will educate people on the cause of pollution and how we can prevent it. It is also meant to be applied outside of school and in our daily lives to make changes to the community.
Asian Culture Club Hearts Our club aims to celebrate and spread Asian culture to the Sewickley Academy community while also providing a space for all students to learn and share experiences.
Rebuilding Pittsburgh Hands Bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope.
Islamic Culture Club Hearts A space in which we can educate ourselves while talking about matters that impact us most.
The 7th Pillar Minds The 7th Pillar student newspaper aims to inform, entertain, and connect members of the SA Senior School community, while also encouraging staff members and writers to discover the joys of journalistic writing and gain the confidence to pursue and publish their stories.
American Sign Language Club Hearts The purpose of the American Sign Language club is to inform the Sewickley Academy community of the difficulties and discriminations that hearing impaired peoples face. Alongside that, the ASL club works to teach its members new signs, and put together The Sadie Hawkins Dance.
Young Conservatives Club Minds The Young Conservatives Club wants to promote free thought and teach its members to have a broadened perspective on the world.
Mock Trial Minds High school Mock Trial is a competition in which students act as attorneys and witnesses to engage in a civil or criminal court case simulation. Schools in the Pittsburgh region travel to the Pittsburgh court house to compete against each other in front of real litigators and judges!
Science Club Minds For those who love science and want to explore fields of science beyond the school's curriculum, the Science Bowl club offers an opportunity for students to explore deeper into the fields they are interested in, and to learn from peers who have different fields of expertise, and finally after a year of preparation to celebrate the group's mastery of scientific knowledge in the Science Bowl Competition. We also provide resources so that students can pursue independent research projects which they can present at the Regional Science Fair.
Junior Classical League (JCL) Hearts JCL seeks to foster and encourage interest in classics such as Latin, Greek, and Mythology.
Model United Nations Minds The Model United Nations club seeks to promote global understanding and an awareness of current and historic events through participation in local conferences.
International Service Club Hands International Service Club’s mission is to provide opportunities for students to help both our school community and organizations in the greater Pittsburgh area have a positive impact on the world in some way.
Computer Science Club Minds For those who love and want to explore programming, robots, or anything related to computer science beyond the school’s curriculum, the computer science club offers an opportunity to delve into those topics through making fun robots and programs!
Math Club Minds Recognizing the needs of our student body for more opportunities to engage in maths, the math club is devoted to exploring interesting math topics and helping students to better prepare for more extracurricular competitions through practices and small lectures.
Speech and Debate Minds Speech and debate provides students an opportunity to develop skills in research, critical thinking, organization, persuasion and communication. Students must set aside personal bias and previous knowledge to objectively debate both sides of an issue.
Quiz Bowl Club Minds The Sewickley Academy Quiz Bowl Club enriches the minds of its members through academic competition.
Pride Club Hearts Our goal for the following year is to help educate our community on the everyday issues that The LGBTQ+ Community faces, as well as providing a safe space for anyone who wishes to get away from the queerphobia and heteronormative stigma that is within our school.
Ephemera Hearts Ephemera strives to connect with the Sewickley Academy community through the artistic and literary work of our students.
Drama Club Hands The Drama Club seeks to educate students and the community about the theatrical arts. The club promotes learning about theater through activities, trips and productions that enhance the educational goals of the theatrical discipline.
IRL Club Minds IRL Club aims to help students learn skills they need to be successful in real life, but aren't necessarily taught in school.
Key Club Hands Key Club is the oldest international, student-led organization that provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character, and develop leadership.
Christian Fellowship Club Hearts The Christian Fellowship Club strives to bring together and unite people that want to learn and grow in their faith while engaging Sewickley Academy’s core values and ethics amongst the student body.
Sports Media Hands The Sewickley Sports Media Club is a club that focuses on the world of sports. We report on both professional sports and our own Sewickley sports teams. We hope that by reporting on the world of sports, we can give people a local platform in which they can get their daily fix of sports news. The club wants people actively involved in the sports world and be able to share all their different insights. We have a website and an instagram, both of which will be used to release our opinions on all the latest stories.
History Club Minds History Club strives to unite both faculty and students through a passion for history and historiography, through research and discussion, in a setting that both encourages and enhances their historical knowledge and interests.
Young Dems Hands Young Dems wishes to create a space where people can freely express their political opinions and their wishes are to better the Democratic Party to create a better America where all can become better versions of themselves.
Adopt a Grandparent Hands Our mission is to become active in our community all while bridging the gap between generations.

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