Community Engagement

Strategic Visioning Process Overview

It is essential that the entire community have several opportunities to provide feedback throughout the process. We accomplish much of this through data gathering -- phone interviews, on-line surveys, forums, focus groups and participation in a Strategic Visioning Conference.

Interviews (September - October, 2018)

30- to 60-minute phone interviews with a diverse mix of stakeholders who can provide the institution with invaluable insider and outsider perspectives on the school's strengths, challenges, needs, and opportunities.

Open community forums (September - October)

These sessions are open to all interested community members and will be held at various times. Space will be limited to 25 participants in each forum and will be led and facilitated by Concentrics, participants will provide a voice in the development of Sewickley Academy's Strategic Plan. 

Online Community Surveys (November)

Community surveys gather insight from a broad range of constituents that solicit valued opinions about the Academy's strengths, challenges, opportunities, and possibilities. Surveys are anonymous and typically take 20 minutes to complete.

Focus groups (January 2019)

After analyzing survey and interview data, focus groups are formed. Examples of the Academy's focus groups may include current alumni parents, families who live a distance from the school, students who came to SA from public school, etc.

Visioning Conference (March)

A 10-hour planning meeting that involves anywhere from 60 to 90 participants, Conference attendees can include Board members, faculty and staff, alumni, students, parents, and community partners. Participants engage in small groups with representatives from each Academy constituency. Participants examine the school's current bedrock strengths, review the social, economic, political and cultural environments in which the school currently resides and generates a vision for an ideal future -- one that be realistically achieved.

Questions, Comments, or Concerns

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Glossary of Terms

The Core  Working Group

The CWG is a leadership group that serves as the governance mechanism for the strategic visioning process. The Core Working Group brings optimism, vision, institutional knowledge, wisdom, and helpful diversity to the strategic planning process.

The Steering Committee

The STC is a future-focused group that represents a microcosm of the community including faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents, and trustees.

The Five P’s 

The Five P's are the strategic visioning themes that help organize the process every step of the way and drive the development of the framing questions.

  1. People - who we enroll, who we employ, and who we work in partnership with to deliver our program
  2. Program - the depth and breadth of our program, and the extent to which we engage students, spark their love of learning, and prepare them for future success
  3. Place - where we are located and how our facilities and spaces support program excellence
  4. Prosperity - our capacity to grow and deepen our program through securing financial resources
  5. Public Perception - how we are perceived by the community we aim to serve and our position in the educational marketplace


20-minutes to 1-hour interviews with approximately 15 individuals. Subjects typically include: thought leaders, community partners, alumni (recent and older), staff, parents, alumni parents, and families who showed interest but chose to go elsewhere.

Community Forum/Focus Group

Forums are open invites to all parents, staff, and alumnae, although our numbers are limited to 25 per session. Focus groups are built around strategic themes or constituencies that have emerged as strategically important through our discovery process (1-1.5 hours each)

Surveys will be the largest data set in the “explore” phase of the strategic visioning process and will provide invaluable insight into the strengths, challenges, and opportunities stakeholders identify for the school.


Participants from every major stakeholder group work together to determine key strategic priorities that will help shape the draft plan.
Conference at a glance:
  • Facilitated by Concentrics
  • A grand rotation of small and large groups
  • Two days (10-12 hours)
  • 70-100 participants

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