EnVision SA 2024

Sewickley Academy has embarked on a strategic planning process this year. This process will be inclusive and give members of the community, including parents, students, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of the school, the opportunity to have input into determining the school’s priorities for the next five years. The resulting plan will be presented to our Board of Trustees in May, when the Board will vote on whether to formally adopt the plan.

Working in Partnership

We have partnered with Concentrics and its president, Andy Mozenter, who is dedicated to helping us continue to strengthen our leadership capability and decision-making proficiency so that Sewickley Academy can deliver its promise to students and community.

Your voice is necessary.

It is our hope that our entire community will engage in the process that brings us to our next Strategic Plan, from students, faculty and staff, to parents, alumni and trustees. Input from every voice will create a vision that is inclusive, representative and can successfully imagine and execute what is next for Sewickley Academy.

To that end, there will be multiple ways to be involved -- from interviews, forums, focus groups, a Visioning Conference and community-wide surveys.

What is our goal?

This strategic planning process is vital to the future of our school, and we hope you will be interested in participating as you are able. We know that by tapping into the collective wisdom of our community and making sure a wide range of voices is included, the resulting outcome will be the most robust and meaningful plan we can produce. In the coming days, we invite you to follow strategic planning updates on a website we are establishing to track and report our progress. Thank you for your support of the school and of this crucial process.


Kolia J. O’Connor
Head of School
Kate  Pigman ’82
Chair, Board of Trustees
Douglas Allen ’02
Chair of Strategic Planning

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  • Core Working Group

    Doug Allen '02
    Trustee and Chair of the Strategic Planning Process
    Michael Brocks
    Parent '06
    Brad Busatto '88
    Trustee and Parent '16 and '25
    Bevan Koch
    Director of Teaching & Learning
    Ngozi Maduka-Okorafor
    Parent '24
    Karen McAvoy
    Director of Finance & Operations
    Kolia O'Connor
    Head of School and Parent '16
    Jessica Peluso
    Senior School Dean of Student Experience and Parent '24, '26, and '30
    Kate Pigman '82
    Chair, Board of Trustees, and Parent '19
    Ashvin Ragoowansi
    Trustee and Parent '14, '16, '19, '21, and '23
    Amy Sebastian ’80
    Past Trustee, Past Chair of the Board, 
    and Parent '12, '13, and '16
    Shani Yeldel
    School Psychologist and Friend of the Academy
  • Steering Committee

    Ashley Birtwell '00
    LaVern Burton 
    Director of Equity and Inclusion and Service Learning
    Dennis Ciccone

    Parent '01 and '06
    Barrett Gough
    Senior School History Teacher
    Gretchen Hansen
    Trustee and Parent '07, '09, '12, and '18
    Christine Herring
    Early Childhood Teacher
    Omar Khawaja

    Parent '28 and '31
    Mishon Levine '20
    Zoe Luther '20
    Alina Mattson '19
    Henry Meakem '19
    Hanna Mincemoyer
    Senior School Math Teacher and 
    House Cavalier Dean
    Shannon Mulholland
    Head of Middle School and Parent '13, '15, and '17
    Ruthie Neely
    Director of Libraries
    Dominic Odom
    Parent '27
    Pam Scott
    Arts Department Chair and Lower School Music Teacher
    Satbir Singh
    Parent '17 and '19
    Divya Thadani
    Parent '31
    Aaron Washington
    Trustee and Parent '18 and '21
  • List of Interviewees

    David Jamison
    Provost, Robert Morris University
    Jeff Zemsky
    Head of School, Moravian Academy, Former Head of Middle School
    Trish Hooper
    Executive Director, Sewickley Valley YMCA
    Jeff Lenchner '77
    CEO Today's home & Parent of Alumni '08 and '10
    Rodney Smith
    Parent '20 and '23
    Vincent Johnson
    President of FAME Board
    Doug Florey
    Former Executive Director, Laughlin Children's Center
    Ann Klotz
    Head of Laurel School - Shaker Heights, OH
    Patty Butz
    Former Director of Teaching and Learning
    Debra Johns
    College Admissions - Yale University
    Dick Simmons
    Former Board Member and Parent '78, '80, and '81 and Grandparent of Alumni '12, '13, '16, and '18
    Brian Hutchison '89

EnVision SA 2024 Updates

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  • The Board of Trustees Approves New Strategic Plan

    It is with great pleasure that we announce that Sewickley Academy’s Board of Trustees unanimously approved EnVision SA 2024, the school’s new strategic plan.
    Read More
  • EnVision SA 2024 Visioning Conference

    This past Friday and Saturday, March 1 and 2, the Strategic Planning process culminated in our Envision SA 2024 Visioning Conference, held in the Events Center.
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  • EnVision SA 2024 Update

    At its third meeting, the Strategic Planning Steering Committee focused on understanding the major themes from the surveys that were conducted in December. 
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  • EnVision SA 2024 Survey is Complete

    In the past several weeks we have deployed surveys to our students, faculty and staff, parents, and alumni. 
    Read More
  • EnVision SA 2024 is Moving Along

    Last night, the Steering Committee met to continue their work on strategic planning on behalf of the school.
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  • First EnVision SA 2024 Steering Committee Meeting

    The first Steering Committee meeting was held on Wednesday, October 10, and the group began work on identifying the school's "bedrock strengths," those elements that make Sewickley Academy unique or that we want to preserve.
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  • Community Forums

    Last week, Andy Mozenter from Concentrics conducted community forums for faculty, staff, students, and parents. Those sessions were well attended.

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