Mission & Core Values


Sewickley Academy inspires and educates students to engage their hearts, minds, and hands to cultivate their full individual and collective potential in the service of a greater good.

Core Values

Character - Sewickley Academy upholds the highest ideals of honor, integrity, responsibility, respect, empathy, and kindness and the actions that flow from them.

Educational Vigor - Sewickley Academy is committed to the highest standards and expectations in academics, while recognizing the essential contribution of athletics and the arts, and the maintenance of an appropriate balance among the three.

Diversity - Sewickley Academy is dedicated to being a community that represents and celebrates different backgrounds, talents, interests, and divergent yet informed opinions.

Community - Sewickley Academy seeks to foster a deep understanding and appreciation of our connections with one another and those beyond our borders, as well as our obligation and responsibility to serve and lead inherent in these bonds.

Our Character

Sewickley Academy is dedicated to maintaining an environment that's respectful of others' rights and opinions. We are a community that listens to one another, helps each other exceed academic and personal expectations, and contributes confidently and positively to society. The school's Community of Respect pledge and Honor Code set a high standard of character. Some students are amazed to realize that in one place, the strength of the collective whole lies in their differences and respective opinions; that a place where people aren't afraid to share their experiences and to lead through example is possible. A curriculum that focuses on respect for the collective conscience inspires students to humbly lead and to be exemplary in their service to others.

A Community of Respect

All members of the Sewickley Academy community - students, parents, faculty and staff - are expected to be familiar with, and adhere to, the following basic guidelines of behavior at school.

The most essential standard of appropriate behavior is that all members of the community will treat one another with kindness, honor, and respect in all situations. In everything we do, we will:

Demonstrate Self-Respect by:
  • Striving to reach our potential in all areas including academics, extracurricular activities, and citizenship.
  • Taking pride in our behavior and appearance.
  • Focusing on our health and safety when making choices.
Respect Others by:
  • Helping to create an environment of encouragement and support within the school community.
  • Listening with consideration to the opinions and ideas of others in the community even when they are different from our own.
  • Respecting the privacy and property of others in the community.
Respect Sewickley Academy by:
  • Adhering to the rules of the Academy at all times.
  • Maintaining the grounds and facilities by cleaning up after others and ourselves when necessary.
  • Being a positive, honorable representative for the Academy in all endeavors and at all times. 

Honor Code

Sewickley Academy's Honor Code serves to define a high standard of integrity, respect, and honesty in an effort to promote the greater good. In signing the honor pledge, students pledge not to lie, cheat, or steal and to adhere to the principles set forth in A Community of Respect. Violations of the Honor Code are referred to the Honor Council for review. The Honor Code applies to all academic, social, and extracurricular areas of the Sewickley Academy community.

Relationships for Learning

Sewickley Academy hires and develops outstanding faculty and staff who create vigorous educational programs that recognize students as complex learners and multi-dimensional human beings.

As a community of educators, we foster caring relationships that provide a foundation upon which students are guided and empowered to reflect on and strengthen their skills for learning, leading, decision-making, and personal growth.
The Sewickley Academy crest represents our school mascot, the Panther, and our State Flower, the mountain laurel. The leaf symbolizes friendship, honor, and achievement. The three rings embody our mission of engaging students' hearts, minds, and hands. Our founding date, 1838, is inscribed in the open books symbolizing access to knowledge.

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