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Greetings and welcome to the Sewickley Academy website. As Pittsburgh’s oldest independent, coeducational school, Sewickley Academy seeks to inspire and educate students to engage their hearts, minds, and hands to cultivate their full individual and collective potential in the service of a greater good. As you explore our site and get to know us, I hope you will come away with a couple of key points about who we are as a potential school for your son or daughter.

First, Sewickley Academy truly celebrates each student for the talents and skills he or she brings to the community. We see education as a personal journey of growth and discovery, and we know that journey starts with an individual who comes to us with ideas, questions, interests, dispositions, and passions that are unique. We value these as a starting place for the adventure that will lead to students’ discovering things about themselves and the world in which they live. We look forward with anticipation and excitement to seeing how our students develop and how they will “turn out” as they progress through our rich and engaging programs of study.

Second, I hope you will see that our commitment to building character, to the development of an authentic personal identity shaped by honor, integrity, responsibility, empathy, and kindness, supports our students to become their best selves. We do not seek to shape our students into the people we want them to be; rather, we seek to support, guide, nurture, and coach our students towards becoming the best version of themselves that they can.

Third, because of our small size, every student counts! Our students are involved and committed to their academic studies, their artistic pursuits, and their athletic endeavors, and we pay careful attention to their social and emotional growth. Students are encouraged and supported to become involved in a wide range of activities, and historically, our students do just that, which allows them to explore the full range of their human potential. What this means in practice is that a star on the soccer team might also be a member of the Cum Laude Society as well as have a lead in the Senior School musical; it might mean that the Middle School student who excels at the robotics competition is also able to make a beautiful ceramic pot on the wheel; and the Lower School student who finds reading an insatiable activity might also love to dance. The truth is, our students’ active involvement in the arts, academics, and athletics makes Sewickley Academy a vibrant and exciting place to learn.

Fourth, I hope you get a sense that this is a community that values each person: student, faculty, staff, parent, and alumnus. We have students whose families have attended the school for generations, and we have students whose families are new to independent school education. The diversity of experience and perspective is valued and actually contributes to our strength. I like to say that diversity at our school means that you get to be who you are, period. Our commitment to diversity is undergirded by a commitment to equity and inclusion, where every voice counts, and where opportunities for people to talk about their experiences and backgrounds reveals that we have more connections with one another than might at first appear, and our differences open doors into exciting learning opportunities that allow each of us to grow as a person.

I encourage you to visit our school. There is no substitute for being on campus and seeing our school in action, seeing our students and our teachers and how they interact with one another. Getting the “feel” of the place by being here will convey more eloquently than I ever could why Sewickley Academy is such a remarkable school. I look forward to greeting you when you come.


Kolia O’Connor
Head of School

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