Goal 2: Community and Communication

Because relationships are at the center of the Sewickley Academy experience, the school is committed to using a range of communications tools to encourage and allow each member of our community to interact in ways that are meaningful and helpful to them in building and strengthening those relationships. We understand that good communications can help build a strong community, and we know that the best communications are not “one way” but involve opportunities for dialogue and diverse interaction.

Further, because we are a one campus school, we seek to take greater advantage of the opportunities available for inter-divisional interactions that will contribute to a greater sense of connections PreK-12. Activities that involve different aged students, as well as faculty, parents, and alumni, serve to reinforce the importance of community as a core value of the school and the importance of the relationships and connections among us that can make the school such a special place.

Objectives & Outcomes

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  • Objective A

    Create a greater sense of community, loyalty and commitment through personal, consistent, accurate, and timely communication.

    OUTCOME: Every active member of our community feels fully informed, engaged in, and connected to the school community. They know where to get information when needed (communication, engagement, affiliation).
  • Objective B

    Strengthen our identity as a regional school (many neighborhoods but one school - one campus).

    OUTCOME: Parents and students from different neighborhoods will feel themselves to be equally valued members of the Academy community.
  • Objective C

    Develop a PK-12 service learning program that is central to, and driven by, the Academy curriculum.

    OUTCOME: A school community (students, alumni, parents, faculty, and staff, parents of alumni) that actively engages in opportunities to support the broader community.
  • Objective D

    Develop a comprehensive plan for engaging alumni.

    OUTCOME: Alumni are connected and engaged with the school.
"Sewickley Academy is a great school, but we refuse to rest on our laurels. By keeping children and their needs at the center of all we do, we continually strive to achieve the highest expectations for our school and the students we serve."
~Kolia O'Connor, Head of School

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