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Senior School Student Clubs:

Clubs in the Senior School at Sewickley Academy are run through the library program and are student-generated with a faculty advisor. The interests of the student body drive the range of clubs each year and include activist, cultural, awareness, special interest, and leadership clubs. Some examples are the Refugee Awareness Club, Indian Culture Club, Girl Up!, Chess Club, and Adopt a Grandparent Club. Clubs meet during an assigned lunchtime time slot in order to avoid conflicts with other programs and remain as inclusive as possibe. All clubs write a goal statement for each year and align with our mission statement by identifying as either a hearts, minds, or hands oriented club.
Student Ambassador Program

Current Sewickley Academy students are the most important people prospective families meet when they visit campus for the first time. Our students are wonderful ambassadors of the Academy as they embody our core values of Character, Educational Vigor, Diversity, and Community in their daily lives.

Each year, the Office of Admission trains close to 60 Senior School students, as well as a number of Grade 5 students, to serve as student ambassadors. Students are nominated by their teachers or Division Heads. Students are chosen because their commitment to the Academy is demonstrated in the following ways: genuine enthusiasm for the school, academic and extracurricular accomplishments, personal traits that include confidence and an outgoing personality, and an extensive knowledge of the Academy and/or a willingness to learn.

Additionally, juniors and seniors can interview for a head student ambassador position that assists in training all ambassadors, helps evaluate tour topics, and provides assistance to the Office of Admission's prospective family recruitment. Interviews are conducted at the beginning of the school year.

Our ambassadors are responsible for prospective family tours during the school day as well as during all school and Lower School Open Houses. Occasionally, ambassadors accompany the Director of Admission to community outreach events where they speak about their experiences at Sewickley Academy.

Student Council

Student Government is divided into two categories, Administrative Branch and House Summit. Both branches of government are overseen by the Senior School President, Communications Director, and a faculty member.
The Senior School Administrative Branch is an elected body of students chosen by their peers. The Student Administrative Branch is meant to encourage a spirit of cooperation among students, faculty, staff, and administrators, to offer a forum for students' opinions, and to foster student involvement in school activities. It is a place where students work with their peers and their faculty sponsors to enhance quality of life in the Senior School. Student Council meetings are held once every eight days.

The Senior School House Summit is a special selection of elected House Council members tasked with planning student activities and increasing school spirit. The House Summit coordinates and plans competitions and multi-house activities in addition to whole school events. Students practice their leadership skills and work together to design and execute exceptional celebrations of many special occasions. These include large events like our winter semi-formal and prom, along with smaller activities during Bizarre and Extreme day, spirit week, teacher appreciation day, and the AP testing weeks.

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