Sofia - Grade 3

8:00-8:25 AM – Arrival
At the start of everyday, Mrs. Paul asks us to complete a morning task, which is usually placed on our desks. As the rest of my classmates arrive, we work quietly, and catch up with our friends.
8:25-8:50 AM – Morning Meeting
During the morning meeting, we greet each other with a handshake, and then share an interesting piece of information about ourselves. We also play a game to build our group community and then read the message on the Morning Message board.
8:50-9:50 AM – Math
During math class, we use white boards at our desks while Mrs. Paul teaches us and moves around the room to make sure we are doing our problems correctly. Once she is done with the lesson, we work in groups or independently on math problems. I like when we are able to work in groups.
9:50-10:20 AM – Music
In music class, Mrs. Candreva is teaching us how to play the recorder. By the end of the trimester, we will be able to play songs like Ode to Joy, Hot Crossed Buns, and my favorite, Pizza Polka! 
10:25-11:10 AM – Reading Instruction
In our Literature Circle groups, we take turns "Popcorn Reading." While one person reads, we all follow along, and then that person calls on another classmate to take over the reading. Today it’s my turn to be the Summarizer, so I have to pay extra attention to the main events in the chapter. I write the main events on sticky notes and once we are done with the chapter, I write my summary using the sticky notes and then share it with my group.
11:10-12:10 – Recess & Lunch
We head out to the playground to swing on the swings, or sometimes I play on the turf field with my friends. At 11:35, we head inside for lunch, and I sit with my friends.
12:10-12:20PM – Quiet Time
After we eat lunch, we go back to the classroom for some quiet time. Mrs. Paul allows us to pick what we want to do as long as we are quiet for 10 minutes. Some of my classmates draw or color, but I use the time to read my book, Captain Tweakerbeak’s Revenge.
12:20-1:00 PM - Science
Today, Mrs. Hilberg is taking us to the Secret Garden to plant the seeds that germinated from our Day of Service in April! We will be planting green peppers and tomatoes in the Salsa Garden. I love getting my hands dirty and have so much fun in the garden. That is why my little sister, Camila, and I are in the after-school Gardening Club!
1:00-1:30PM – Language Arts
Mrs. Hilberg takes us back to Mrs. Paul’s class for language arts – today’s lesson will be short because we came back late from the garden. Today we are learning about adverbs with a game like Charades. Mrs. Paul acts things out then we have to describe what and how she is doing something. For example, Mrs. Paul is running!  Mrs. Paul is running SLOWLY. The lesson will have to resume tomorrow because we need to leave to get to the Dance Studio in time!
1:30-2:10 PM - Dance
At the Dance Studio, we walk onto the dance floor to wait for instructions from Mr. Jackson. Today, we are will be working on the "Charleston," a dance we will perform during our Grade 3 show. This class goes so fast because we all love it!
2:15-2:50 PM – Social Studies
Back in our classroom, we work on our Travel Logs for social studies. I’m almost done with the northeast region and have only two more states to learn about, Maryland and Pennsylvania. I use our class resources to find interesting facts for each state. I ask Mrs. Paul if she knew that Maryland is known for their blue crabs and that the city of Baltimore has one of the largest aquariums in the US.
2:50-3:10 PM – Dismissal
Mrs. Paul asks us to clean up so that we can get ready for our reading aloud time. She is reading us, The World According to Humphrey. At 3:05, she begins to dismiss us. Today, she asks us to tell her one thing we learned today. When she calls on me, I tell her, "I learned that when planting vegetables, you have to be careful not to pack the dirt around the plant too much because the plant needs to breathe." Then she dismisses me with a firm handshake and a “good afternoon.” 

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