Neev – Grade 5

8:00-8:10 AM – Arrival
I put my book bag in my locker, and Ms. Pales welcomes me into the room. As we read the morning message written on the board, she asks us to find the punctuation and spelling errors in it.  Afterwards, we write our homework for the day in our planners and use any extra time to prepare for the science quiz later in the week.
8:10-8:30 – Morning Meeting
My 16 classmates and I greet one another with a ball toss greeting. We pass the ball to each other while greeting one another.  Ms. Pales allows us to share any special news happening in our lives, and we have the opportunity to ask questions about what each person is sharing. 
8:30-9:30 AM – Math
We move to math class. Today we are learning the values of very large and small numbers by playing a “Place Value Line-Up” game. Then we summarize what we learned in the game in our math journals and discuss the big ideas learned that day.
9:30-10:10 AM – Social Studies
Now we become geographers in social studies! Today we are studying various landforms and their impact on the people who live nearby.  Using an atlas, we explore where landforms such as gulfs, bays, plateaus, canyons, etc. exist in the world around us. 
10:10-10:50 AM – Computer
Now it’s time for computer class with Ms. Tebbets! With our partners, we continue to work on our computer programming projects - tweaking and editing as they test their knowledge of programming and game-making. 
10:50-11:20 AM – Recess
At recess I love to play gazebo soccer with my friends. It’s a recess favorite for all us in the Lower School!
11:20-11:50 AM – Lunch
At lunch, we choose our own seats in the cafeteria and can sit with other students in different classes and grades. 
11:50 AM -1:00 PM – Science
In science, we are asked to think like astronomers. We are learning about Aristotle, Ptolemy, Copernicus, and Galileo and the big questions that they set out to answer hundreds of years ago. 
1:00-2:00 PM – PE
All the boys in my class play basketball in the gym. The girls go to the other gym to play their game. 
2:00-3:00 PM – Language Arts
Now back in our classroom, we discuss the chapters we were assigned to read last night in The Phantom Tollbooth. We pick out the puns and figurative language and the main idea and theme.  After that, we get out our poetry books to work on the poem we are writing that describe what it’s like to grow up.  Ms. Pales encourages us to use powerful descriptions, similes, and metaphors. 
3:00-3:10 PM – Dismissal
It’s almost the end of the day! Ms. Pales reviews our homework, and I write it down in my planner. As we leave the classroom, I give her a high five and tell her one positive thing about my day. 
3:15-4:15 PM – After-School Robotics
Today is one of my favorite days because we have after-school robotics. We are programming our robots to do certain tasks like turning to the right and left or switching directions. We meet once a week for 10-weeks, and then we get the opportunity to take another after-school course.

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