Isreal – Grade 11

7:30 AM – Arrival
My bus arrives at school just in time for the student council meeting. During the meeting, we discuss the summer training workshop and what the upcoming year entails for the executive branch of the student council.
8:00-8:30 AM – Advisory Meeting
I walk down the hall and enter my advisor’s room and sit with my classmates. Our advisor, Mrs. Carpenter, reads the announcements, and we socialize, talking about yesterday and planning our weekends. Today is day A in the PANTHERS cycle. Over the course of the eight-day rotation, my classes occur at different times of the day, which helps keep my schedule from getting old!
8:30-9:45 AM – Spanish
My first class today is in one of my favorite classrooms, the computer lab. I sit in the front row next to Mr. Goleski. My seat gives me the opportunity to operate the computer he uses when presenting the lesson, so I advance the slideshow, adjust the zoom, and change the webpage per his request. I also make sure I take notes. Spanish is a nice, lively class that makes the morning enjoyable.
9:45-10:05 AM – Break
I head to the cafeteria for a quick snack and to catch up with friends before the next class starts. Some days, I have larger breaks during the day to complete assignments and to review that day’s material.
10:05-11:20 AM – AP U.S. History
I take my seat with my three classmates. Mr. McGinn starts us off with a little greeting, and then transitions into a video about the time period we are studying. After we watch the video, we are given a packet on the same topic, and we sit at our tables and discuss the section of the paper that Mr. McGinn has assigned us to summarize for the class. My group quickly dissects the article and pulls out the important terms from the chapter. We present our summary to the class and finish just before the bell rings.
11:30AM-12:30PM – AP Calculus AB
We all get out our homework, and as Mrs. Donovan comes around to see that we completed it, I get started on the warm-up problems with my group of friends. We eventually come up with the answers on our own, but Mrs. Donovan is always there to assist if we need her. After the warm up, we go through a slide show with notes for the day and get through two lessons. For the last part of class, we work cooperatively on problems from the textbook.
12:30-1:25 PM – Lunch & Break
Today during my lunch break, I get to help facilitate a meeting for the Student Diversity Leadership Council. I really enjoy leading these meetings because I like to serve as leader and see how my peers are feeling about their lives. We bring our lunches and talk about events that have occurred in our lives. We discuss the best ways to respond to these situations and what we can do to prevent reoccurrences. In these meetings, we have the freedom to talk about whatever we want because the people in the room are there by choice, not to fulfill a requirement or prepare for an exam. Despite our differences, we always end up realizing how similar we all are. I could stay here all day, but after looking at my watch, I realize I have to run to make it to AP Physics.
1:35-3:10 PM – AP Physics
I make it to the room just as Mr. Spicer is about to review the day’s agenda. We take notes on the lesson and then, like in calculus, all work together to solve a problem. Mr. Spicer has us work through several problems to make sure we have a general understanding of the concept before moving onto the next one. The bell rings and we all leave the room, our brains a little exhausted from all the material we covered. It’s nice to know that we can stop back to ask for more help if need be.
3:10-3:45 PM – Extra Help
I stop in to ask Mrs. Donovan for clarification on one of the calculus problems she presented in class. All of our teachers have an open office hour at the end of the day.
3:45-5:45 PM – Track Practice
While my school day is finished, it’s now time for track practice. We meet outside the Alumni Gym and the workout begins. We get back to school a little before 6.
5:30-8:00 PM – Homework
Because I have homework, I pass up on the ride to go home and instead head to the Senior School Commons to begin my assignments. When I need a break, I head to the computer lab to check my email and other assignments. I catch the last bus home and am thankful tomorrow is Friday!

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