Social Science

The Social Science curriculum guides students to broaden their understanding of societies, economies, human behavior, and thinking. In the Lower and Middle Schools, Social Science practices are embedded into courses, particularly in math, language arts, and history. In the Senior School, classes focus fully on Social Science curriculum. Through this PK through Grade 12 sequence, students discover the building blocks of economies and how societies work, with an emphasis on a global economy that will better serve the needs of people and the planet.

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  • Early Childhood (PK-K)

    Children learn about communities, how they work, and how individuals make choices that help them develop into good citizens. Many lessons are drawn from the lives of animals and how they live in groups, herds, dens, etc. Children begin to learn that their behaviors have an impact on others in their group, thus laying the foundation for ethical behavior.
  • Grade 6

    In Earth science, students focus on the natural resources of the Earth and the need to be good shepherds of these resources to sustain life.

    History expands the global perspective of young people by introducing them to the cultures, practices, beliefs, and history of East Asian. This highly interactive history course introduces the concept of “economics” and how the different ways in which people conceive of it is deeply intertwined with governmental models, belief systems, human rights, and a number of other topics.
  • Grade 7

    Social issues are taught and experienced primarily through advisory groups, team-building exercises, after-school activities, and opportunities to learn through community service.
  • Grade 8

    U.S. History delves into the global relationships of the U.S. with other countries and provides new perspectives on how economies interconnect with each other. The study of human rights is a major focus of the year.
  • Grades 1-2

    Social Science is embedded in language arts and history as children begin to discover the components of cultures and how they work.
  • Grades 3-5

    Building on the introduction to Social Science in earlier grades, the focus expands from the town and region where children live to the states, countries, and their global interconnection throughout the world. Particular attention is given to making life choices that serve the needs of people and sustain the Earth.
  • Grades 9-11

    In Grade 9, the Sewickley Seminar focuses on the core values of the school, building on students' character development and understanding of inclusivity in a community of diverse talents, skills, and perspectives. During Grade 10, Social Science is incorporated into Human Geography and additional history courses. In Grade 11, U.S. History introduces general economic principles from a national and international perspective.

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