The mission and core values of the Academy provide the framework for focusing on the needs of students both for today and for the future. Because the world our children will live and work in is becoming ever-more complex and challenging, our mission requires that the school provide a stable knowledge-base (“what we believe students need to know”) integrated with the teaching and intentional practice of skills they will need to be successful in school and later in life.

These skills include:
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Collaboration
  • Entrepreneurialism
  • Written and Oral Expression
  • Intercultural Competency
  • Creativity
  • Adaptability and Resilience
See Appendix A for Definitions of These Skills

Continuing to deliver the core program rich in appropriate, relevant content while providing an environment in which skills can be learned and practiced will ensure that students graduate with broad and deep knowledge of both traditional and developing disciplines. This approach ensures that students will have both the knowledge and the ability to use what they know in new circumstances that will be critical to their future growth.

Further, because educational research has shown that learning in a diverse environment and working with diverse groups leads to better academic results and outcomes, and because of the increasing need for students to be able to interact across borders, both far and near, students must be educated in a diverse environment and provided opportunities to develop cross-cultural competencies to maximize their opportunities for success both in the classroom today and in the workplace of the future.

Objectives & Outcomes

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  • Objective A

    Building on the initiatives of the past five years, continue to attract, retain, and develop an outstanding faculty, administration, and staff. [See Appendix B for description of recruitment and retention process]

    OUTCOME: Those who work with our children are the best educated, best trained, and best supported individuals we can find and retain.
  • Objective B

    Building on the assessment, coordination, and implementation of outstanding educational programs, integrate 21st century skills [defined in Appendix A] with the Academy’s mission and core values in all programs within and beyond the classroom, and regularly evaluate progress Pre-K-12.

    OUTCOME: Knowledgeable, skilled graduates of character who are prepared for the challenges of the future.
  • Objective C

    Engaging the well-developed, cross-divisional curriculum committee structure as well as faculty leadership, create a curriculum map of all aspects of the Pre-K-12 educational program of the Academy. [See Appendix C for description of curriculum mapping]

    OUTCOME: Faculty at all levels of the Pre-K-12 academic program will continuously align content, instructional methods, and assessment strategies with 21st century skills and Academy mission and core values.
  • Objective D

    Continue to build and sustain an inclusive and diverse community through intentional recruitment and retention, educational programming, equitable policies and practices, and the development of intercultural competency for students, parents, faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees.

    Note: At Sewickley Academy, diversity embraces all manner of differences, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, family structure, physical ability and learning differences.

    [See Appendix D for further description of diversity and intercultural competency]

    OUTCOME: Leaders—students and adults—equipped with the educational tools, the interpersonal strength, the intercultural skills, and the commitment to civic engagement that will enable them to influence others in the service of the greater good.
"Sewickley Academy is a great school, but we refuse to rest on our laurels. By keeping children and their needs at the center of all we do, we continually strive to achieve the highest expectations for our school and the students we serve."
~Kolia O'Connor, Head of School

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