Reunion 2010 recap cont.

The JadesSaturday's events included an all-alumni brunch at the Academy, campus tours, and class parties for all the classes celebrating milestone anniversaries. Check out what this year's reunion classes did to celebrate!

The Class of 1960 rang in their golden 50 years with cocktails, dinner, and karaoke at the Sweetwater Center for the Arts in Sewickley.

The Classes of 1970, 1975, and 1980 joined forces for a bonfire, cookout and reunion concert of The Jades (Scott Ferguson '70, Doug Rice '70, Tom Stinson '70, and Jeff Gray '70) at Jim '70 and Linda Edson's home in Sewickley. Click here to check out the video of The Jades in action!

The Class of 1985 celebrated their 25th reunion together with dinner and drinks at Natalie Renda Mueller's home in Sewickley. This party had a huge turnout and saw classmates return from as far as Hawaii! Way to go 1985!

The Class of 1990 got together for cocktails and a great photo slideshow and display at the Edgeworth Club.

The Class of 1995 joined forces with 1997 and got together at the home of Jonathan and Jennifer D'Antonio here in Sewickley.

The Class of 2000 rallied the troops for drinks and snacks at the Sharp Edge Bistro in town.

Check out the slideshow of the entire weekend here!

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Dr. Joyce Ferris, cont.

Joyce FerrisWhat are your most vivid memories of Sewickley Academy?
“Working with the design team to build the new library and Middle School and renovate the Senior School, the beautiful graduations, Linsley, and, of course, The TORCH.”

Noteworthy news:
“Since leaving SA I have traveled to India three times and to Hong Kong recently. My son, daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren now live in Hong Kong. My daughter lives in Massachusetts. I recently had a wonderful visit with Donna Soule in her lovely home in Virginia.”

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Pam Scott, cont.

Pam ScottHow have things changed since you started here?
“While everything has seemingly changed, it is easier to describe what has stayed the same. The two major constants since I began here are the students and the faculty. The students still want to sing, dance, make music, and learn everyday. They come into my classroom ready and willing to ‘do.’ Participation in class has never been an issue at Sewickley Academy. The supportive and giving nature of the faculty has also been a major constant since I started.”

Do you have any former favorite students or faculty members who made teaching at SA especially exciting or rewarding?
“I was very happy to have the opportunity to teach my own daughters as they grew up and attended Sewickley Academy. That experience was a blast and is still very important to us. It was wonderful to be part of their music education. As far as faculty go, I was very fortunate to work with Guy Russo, Barbara Selack, and all the current music faculty here at SA.”

What has kept you at the Academy for over 20 years?
“I have always been grateful to be in a place where I am allowed, trusted, and expected to make the right choices for the students. Instead of being bound by administrative rules or legislation that gets in the way of education, I am free to teach well.”

Notable facts: Daughter, Elise,  is finishing up her freshman year at college and is also studying music education. Second daughter Emily is finishing up eighth grade at Sewickley Academy.


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Jason Glance '99: By Chris Weir '10

Jason GlanceAs a former rock star and web design enthusiast at Sewickley Academy, it is no surprise that Jason has established a rewarding career in technology marketing with a particular focus on the music industry. Jason is now the project manager of a mobile marketing company, Songwhale. Songwhale is most notably involved in the SMS text messaging campaigns for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Steelers, and Panthers as well as Pizza Hut and Dunkin Donuts. The company has created new and fun ways for fans to interact with their sports teams.

Jason joined the Sewickley Academy community in the sixth grade and remembers his days at the Academy fondly. While at the Academy, he was the lead singer and guitarist of a band, and his interest in music was a large influence on his current career path. Jason was particularly fond of former chorus teacher, Guy Russo, who encouraged Jason to become a singer and inspired his long term commitment to the music industry. His favorite memories at the school include choir class with Mr. Russo and early web page design projects with Mr. Don Slater.

After the Academy, Jason attended Duquesne University for his undergraduate studies and recently completed a Masters of Business Administration at Point Park University. Aside from his work with Songwhale, Jason also runs his own freelance graphic and web design company, Glance Integrations.

Jason had a great time reacquainting himself with the Sewickley Academy community during his recent visit. He noticed several changes for the better, and some that simply confused him, such as “bow tie Wednesday.” Nonetheless he loved being back on campus and it made him realize how well prepared he was when entering the outside world. Jason states, “Sewickley Academy is unique; the school creates individuals. The staff and students put the spotlight on these individuals and truly bring out the creativity. Songwhale is evidence of this for me and Sewickley Academy is what led me to such a great company.”

It is clear Jason is on a great path. In the future, he hopes to run his own successful department at Songwhale and contribute to making the company a global leader in the industry.

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Catching Up with Mrs. Briggs (Cont.)

What do you miss most about Sewickley Academy? I miss being in touch with young people; working with them and watching them grow over their Senior School years. Of course, I miss the friendship and camaraderie of the faculty.

What is your most vivid memory of working here? During my career at the Academy, I had many wonderful experiences and a few very difficult ones. Perhaps the most vivid memory is this: When I returned to work following an extended absence (due to illness), I was welcomed and greeted very warmly by students and colleagues. It was a wonderful feeling - I felt surrounded by good will and kindness.

Noteworthy news: I moved to San Diego in 2005, to be near my youngest daughter and her husband and two beautiful little girls, now ages 6 and 10. I have a two-bedroom apartment (each bedroom has its own bath and balcony) with a stunning view of the mountains to the east of the city, and it is located just a few miles from the beaches. Life is good!


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Catching Up with Mr. Magee (Cont.)

Current Activities and Hobbies: Woodworking and landscaping for retirement community

What do you miss most about Sewickley Academy? It’s been so long, I enjoyed teaching, but I’m glad I’m not working.

What is your most vivid memory of working here? I enjoyed working on the yearbook for 10 years and Math Night on Wednesdays with my former colleagues.

Noteworthy news: I still bowl two times a week – even though I don’t have the average that I did years ago!


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Current Alumni Parents

E. William Kleeman ‘73
John A. Macdonald ‘75
Jeffrey R. Moersch ‘75
Suzanne Genter Friday ‘76
Douglas T. Millar ‘76
Robert W. Thomas ‘76
Taryn Harris ‘77
Jeffrey A. Lenchner ‘77
Sean M. Behun ‘78
Frederick J. Stevenson ‘78
Katherine Walker Bantleon ‘78
Robert L. Ciarallo ‘79
John J. Edson ‘79
Debra Sirinek Fernandez ‘79
Margot Moyles Curran ‘80
Amy Muse Lang ‘80
Amy Simmons Sebastian ‘80
Thomas A. Doyle ‘81
Mollie Fitzgerald ‘81
A. Todd Wilson ‘81
Malcolm Nimick ‘81
Joseph W. Paul ‘82
John S. Moyer ‘82
Henry L. Clement ‘82
Douglas P. Fowkes ‘82
Katherine Poppenberg Pigman ‘82
Sandra R. Cook ‘83
John A. Straka ‘83
William P. Snyder ‘83
Timothy H. Gordon ‘84
Robert Y. Kopf ‘84
Michelle Heurich Pfeifer ‘85
Thomas S. Jones ‘85
Robert Gordon ‘86
Jennifer Clement Morin ‘86
Christine Scioscia McLean ’86
Dean M. Campbell ‘87
Kathryn P. Heagy-Glass ‘88
Mark A. Moore ‘88
Gregory G. Paul ‘88
Susie Keller ‘88
Robert N. Peirce ‘88
Joseph W. Nocito ‘88
Kirsten Recker Stripay ‘89
Elizabeth Wiegand Wentz ‘91
J. Beau Blaser ‘95
Marguerite Gregg Park ‘95
Kevin M. Park ‘95

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Who has already RSVP'ed for the Alumni Holiday Party?

Jim Cavalier
Susan Sour
Bill Barnes
Kenny Williams
Ann Dechambeau
Vicki Polinko
Barbara Carrier
Tom Smart
Kelly Gary
Win Palmer
Cindy Kelly
Lisa Heberling
Michael Gallagher
Judy Lackner
Joan Cucinotta

RSVP today!

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Alumni Council 2009-2010

Suzanne Genter Friday ’76,

Mark Moore ‘88

Estee Barbuto ’04

David Street ‘93

Kristina Fausti ’93

Kirsten Recker Stripay ’89

Brett Fulesday ’99

Ryan Thompson ‘98

Amy Symons Hughes ’89

Jamie Wardrop ’57

Tom Jones ’85

Jared Weber ’04

Amy Muse Lang ’80

Julie Bevevino ’99,
Interim Director of Alumni Relations

Leslie Lewis ‘81

Larry Hall,
Alumni Relations Associate

Jennifer Markus ‘89

We invite alumni from all class years to participate on the Council. If you are interested in attending a meeting, please contact Suzanne Genter Friday ’76 or Julie Bevevino ’99.
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